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Early Christmas present. I'm hoping they can. The Indians will resign. Francisco Lindor. I think I'm gonna get cold there. But if they got a trade him go get Clint Frazier bring him back to the Indians. If you're listening in Cleveland, you know my friend Bob friends over it. W H. K 14 20 in Cleveland Who's on before me. I hope he's watching. We had a debate in Cleveland before a live audience where I told him he was a big Sam Donald fan. I said we do not want to draft young Mr Donald. Nice man. Just not going to play to the NFL level. We gotta go get Baker and Bob was just all over. Sam Donald and I am so glad that they listen to me in those years. But, Bob, we still love you. Even though you're Steelers fan, Listen to him in Cleveland, right after the show. Uh, Chuck Schumer, by the way, Columbus on Thursday. I'm interviewing. I take two yesterday, Arnold. And we talk about the Arnold Sports Festival and in Columbus, so make sure On Thursday to listen to the show. I'm gonna play some excerpts of it. And then the entire interview is going to play at the Nixon Foundation website later in the day Governor Schwarzenegger here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the EPA by President Nixon. Which happens on Thursday, and we talked about a lot of different things, including Columbus. So my friends and 98.9, we've got your back trying to get the sports festival up and going Access reporting this morning that Chuck Schumer told party donors. That the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the fact that Cal Cunningham quote couldn't keep his zipper up crushed Democrats chance of regaining the Senate. He deeply regrets not Recruiting Stacey Abrams and George A. Stuck with Raphael Warnock and Jonah's off, both of whom are to the left of left. And I mean everything every day is another radical. Radical statement by both of them. They're the worst two Senate candidates that the Democrats feel that their hopes of getting the Senate majority hang on both of them winning and I don't think either, then we're gonna come close come close in the general But the media is pulling for him again. We don't get any polling because pollings broken they use pulling to disguise the frailty of the Democratic Party going in the last election. President Trump on a be more upset about the Wisconsin polling. Charlie was 17 points down there than anything else. It was. It was a dead heat in Wisconsin, and they use suppression tactics. Suppression pulling. I call it all over the country. There was suppression polling going on by legacy, media groups and suppression pulling lowers fundraising. Lower turnout lowers enthusiasm lowers energy. I just did no arguing it. Like not arguing about Andrew and Todd. They're the best if you're going to refinance your home, Andrew and Todd sponsors of the program was Sierra Pacific. Go to Andrew and todd dot com to tease and Todd, you Steelers fans. Brown's going to break up that Steelers perfect season is gonna be very joyful Christmas season because of what the bronze going due to the Steelers Andrew and Todd Todd compact. The Raisins will probably do it to the Steelers type, but I'm rooting for the Steelers tonight. What the Ravens crashed. I really do. Triple I triple 8 11 72 connects you with Andrew. He will not crush your hopes connection with Todd. He will not crush your hopes They will help you refinance your house. Get money out of ridiculously or low rates or they will help your son or daughter. You could be coming down occupying co borrower. Just call them Tell them what you're needed or go online. Answer a couple of questions. The market yesterday was all red and overseas. This morning, it's all a lot of green. Germany is up almost one point. England's up two points and it's gonna be a great day on the markets as cyber Monday was great. Don't forget giving Tuesday. I want you to be generous to many different groups, but Angel tree. Is that my website Angel Tree takes care of the 2.7. Not all hundreds of thousands of the 2.7 million Children who have one or both parents in jail and the phone number of your old.

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