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Right then you we were talking about crater i've gotten to in the past month in that can you hit up with crack and i'm like for your own sake no benefit just like but i don't know could you hook it up for definitely interesting and like i find that funny you know to check my dm's all wake up in the morning and there's always new suffolk you're in new york let's let's for drink and it's like what planet do you think that i'm gonna accept this and be like perfect let's but actually i have done it before so maybe you should shoot your shot because i met i was bored you know one day 'cause i was in the city for a while and you know people are working and i wasn't and i was like okay these two sisters reached out in accuse their names workers lauren i was with work as surf log the other summer house crew and they're fun sex sex no the sexy time because her and carl started fighting surp lodged very publicly and i was having this interesting conversation with lauren to and you know last night she was like we're here never getting like a casual dinner calm and the checks can't busy day tomorrow i can't say no i can't say no i'm not good at it all end up back though tell four dragon us and she was like good thing that you did it because it was a big one and i was like i knew it and proud of myself crowley the hells two sisters right okay and so i i go to meet up with them and you know they're sitting outside this great people watching spot and the other chicken the ball roseanne i'm like excelled board l let's put these people and we really fun day went to bark aid we popped around a bunch i fun also i did meet up with with the dm day of it had a big day of it that you did that taken vin on about that still hit me up i'm sad to leave this converse i know about this this stuff we want to talk about your business you're drinking a beer right now your first guest to drink with a spinola with us yeah just just come in beer to me is like a fairy refreshing beverage like i can go to launch and i have a beer and i'm like oh like whenever a long day i think about a beer at the end of the day and so then it kind of got to a point where i wanted to do my own and so that's what i'm trying to do the yeah yeah where is it what's going what's going on is that it it definitely definitely is moving forward and it's funny because earlier today i said it and i was like it's so true like people's past failures on the show them trying to start things false website and things of that nature has has made me pushed me driven me like no it's not going to be like that it's happening you know and it has to happen because a lot of wheels are in motion with it but you know i just figured that it was definitely as been doing it you know i mean i'm opening a business people like oh awesome is making beer where is it and you're like it takes a lot to get to this as holding up the beer it takes a lot to get to this level like we could actually hold it in your hand physically and i cannot wait i'm like really trying to figure it all out kind of by myself you know mean of course i asked friends and i run things by them but you know if i'm going to be putting something out there with my neighbour hundred definitely want to be as as you know like i as good as possible right i'm under the everyone does but yeah there's not like a team of people doing this it's kind of me and my brew and you know some money backers but it's kind of like hey you do that and we're worried about you know marketing this thing and i'm like okay all right i i can do this you do this austin yeah you mentioned like you find advice from other people i feel like the company you keep on the show aren't really business doing stuff what are your time crawl about like monopolize the pillow business forgotten sorry look i mean people definitely have their hands in different things we can say about greg you.

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