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Jumping back on the rich Eisen show on a Monday it's week two of the exhibition season for the National Football League this is this is one there two weeks the that we kind of fully pay attention those who are in the weeds will pay attention all four weeks but for some this week football return last and then this week is the first chance you get to see to see some key veterans starters I can play a little bit and you kind of get an idea and then you just can't wait for the season to get here weeks two weeks three of the exhibition season Kerry a little bit more imports for the coaching staffs all of the more important before you you make your final player personnel decisions so considering that a key decision was made with the Minnesota Vikings over the weekend they acquired a kicker I need a kicker they've got a kicker Paul Allen is the long time voice of the Minnesota Vikings on K. fan of the Vikings radio network Paul Allen joins us now on the rich Eisen show Paul how are you Hey what's going on but nice to chat with you I am on the lose the Vikings radio network works over looking for perfectly manicured practice field at Twin Cities orthopedics performance center so if we have wind related terrorism what yeah we'll we'll keep you up to speed on that it now bring us a little bit up to date on the Vikings on the trade front they went out and gave up decent trap position and acquired a kicker over the weekend well well well let's start with the tech guide they gave up they they gave up they brought back to get the raven get ready on draft it get for Marshall by the way on a cold and die handle get called a very strong way so to give up the fifth round pick certainly not speaking for the team my guess is that the only way to get them up what you how bad at least three other teams and they did now from the future after that you know one thing with with everybody focusing on twenty nineteen you know that this is an asset that is not only acquired for now but for future years and the team of three compensatory pick next year so into twenty twenty they currently have nine drastic so that that really wasn't on a major issue for me you know and in the training camp practices Mike there've been times where there have been met yeah and you know it it has become a little bit of a talker here with Dan Bailey being and and my take on it from a bar at van Damme Daly and Zack but he is such an accomplished kicker that granted I can't completely what are none of the onus on daily but with the with the whole battery situation long snapper departure to kick or it just seems like a lot of things needed to be tight okay so the trade they trade for the specialist yesterday they caught bettering long snapper government garments that are going to use often cutting seventh round pick from airport secolo Janet he's gonna be long snapper so that new into the Seattle preseason game and as of now they up laundromat while and and the Baltimore get to potentially battle that bought out and much more and and that's pretty much the up to date on on Corey the the new bachelor Paul Allen the voice of the Minnesota Vikings joining us on the rich Eisen show nineteen months ago the Minneapolis miracle gets the Vikings on the doorstep of going to the Superbowl didn't happen but they were on the doorstep of getting there last year a bit of a step back the defense wasn't as good the loss of a a running attack because of injury but Dalvin cook early in the season changed what what is it that will put the Vikings back in that position where they were nineteen months ago heading into this year well wait you know what the with the defense you know I think I'm certainly not speaking for Mike Zimmer but reading between the lines was something that last year you know I think he was trying a lot of different things early in the season and then we had a Thursday night game at the Coliseum against the LA rams where do the break down you ended up with Anthony Barr covering wide receivers along plays that did not go the way of a bike so they they had a couple extra days into a Philadelphia regular season games and Mike reconfigured thing and the defense was operational on the rest of the season it was a patented biking defense the face of the little based a little bit of turmoil with game changing defense the band ever since an average of off field problems that you came back so it was copied Herbie last year no doubt about it alternatively speaking the addition of the even appeal to fans as often ordinator and his right hand man his super well respected Gary Kubiak you made a major major offseason difference not only for the quarterback Kirk cousins but really for all facets of the offense I would be the eighteenth overall pick they drafted care Bradbury I in my opinion that center is the stench dot in the NFL for many years second year right tackle Brian o'neill what the way they're running this defense you Kubiak offense it's almost like he was put together in a lab you know you just can't do it athletically better than this guy does so there are a lot of positive things Goku's super healthy feel when the days are are probably the best one two combination in the NFL veteran tight end Kyle Rudolph custom wait he's running batters out that he's one honestly in the last five years although the rookie tight end from Alabama Smith is incredibly athletic also a lot of positives offense away here I think will complement the defense and get the team back to where it's supposed to be he's a radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings he's Paul Allen with us on the rich Eisen show what Kirk cousins what what is causing Z. to do in year two in Minnesota that perhaps he didn't sorry so I'm gonna go last season well let's give me morally finish well I think it well because I want to let Paul in on our okay I standing debate I will I wasn't gonna go there but I was okay go has that Paul you okay with this our having a verbal argument not like yeah it happens so here's the deal let let me lay it out you guys can verbally spar okay okay yeah now we're confident last year when you throw for forty three hundred yards and thirty TD's you should be able to win a lot again he was sacked forty times the offense of wine clearly needed a major upgrade so eighteenth overall pick goes to the best center coming out of college into the draft they move alkaline to guard now when Ohio state won a national championship I think after the twenty fifteen sees them Pat alkaline played guard for fifteen games for Ohio state I believe it was twelve the right three eight laps so we've probably at a spot that's going to be conducive to help so the offense of line is better than it was last year now you know I'm certainly not throwing stones at all with the previous coordinator because I like John people involved but things went so got so discombobulated with this offense last year somebody in their first year as a coordinator got fired during the year yeah major problems so you put all of that in the cousins analyzing related jambalaya and then you move on from there so it was all my view of this is rather simple I think that Kirk cousins is a good quarterback but where I get off the train is he's not going to carry you you can win with a good quarterback he's a good quarterback the league is filled with a lot of quarterbacks that aren't good he's good but he can't he take care you with the Vikings are going to go play decent meaningful games in January cousins needs to be good the defense needs to be better than good that's my view is it as it's supposed to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay or drew Brees in New Orleans or some of the other elite quarterbacks I think the Kirk cousins he's a good quarterback that she is top in okay out very fairly analyzed couple of things here I'm a racetrack guy by trade so I I got my keys or execute Mike Doyle by analyzing past performance offer past performances you laid out you're absolutely right those are cur gotten past performances now our past performance is always indicated to future results the answer to that is now now when you when you go with an even keel enterprising offense of coordinator like Evanston Famke who by the way is so well respected he interviewed for the Cleveland Browns head coaching job it went down to the wire and you got beat up a wire so that that is how well respected this guy yet here's a right hand man is a guy who's been to seven super balls in Gary Kubiak Anne's one four including Super Bowl fifty is that go to the Bronco so you know just because everything is not out there yet for the public or the media see what the new laws of Kobe act amplifying what causes does well and helping them through some of these deficiencies what start analyzing it when the team plays that Lana if if you're still getting a little jittery in the pocket and still doing some things that have been problematic for cousins all of his career your opinion I believe will absolutely be right there this is the most unique situation because has ever been in the office of one's markedly better call is apt this version of coke right now he is absolutely the best scale back with whom he's played in his career and the step dance he called the act and as Clark lane in a way where he has gone a white south all training camp and all one preseason game four of four sixty some odd yards passing touchdowns got claustrophobic when the pocket broke down yeah didn't get nervous and ran for twelve and a first down so what's the truncated example but it's an example that positive for number eight you know what Mike by the way that's that's right I'm just gonna record that I'm gonna play that everywhere started talking this is exactly what I'm trying to fix a Paul Allen said it a thousand times better yeah that's what they call can be but if it's not then you're absolutely right he's just a good quarter Paul let me finish on this one if I gave you the option of of attending one sporting another Vikings are not in it okay so you can attend the Superbowl at then sit in the best seats you want to sit in or the Kentucky Derby which one are you going to super ball you know I've I've I've been a racetrack announcer reporter century and I've never been to a garbage it really seems pretty smelly Bourbon straight without doubt without the beat I am I honestly have no desire to go to the Kentucky Derby I would probably go to a super ball now I have no desire to attend a super ball unless I travel to would with this game yeah yeah wouldn't it really be dreaming about the mission with Miami this year yeah it would well for you it would be an endless summer are happy to yeah we're we're happy if you get what will make it by the way on the on the on the cartons negativity yeah the Roger Rees comparisons why did you throw Tom Brady in there too I mean it's like saying Hey I own a racehorse who's gonna balance but you know what he's not quite as good as secretary better off Seattle low but Hey it runs out I could have next time I'll use that I'll add that into the equation and out without what with Rogers all of Famer sandwich last forty nine games twenty four twenty four and one completion percentage sixty what yeah which probably belies your point about who are you surrounded with are you surrounded with a good offense of coordinator good head coach good personnel and that is part and parcel that conversation soul Paul look at look at that's why I I will sing injuries to what Rogers yeah I know that out there but he's talking about games that he's played I understand so Paul go enjoy practice and from your perch high above the the training facility at the end Minnesota Vikings training camp and we always look forward to appreciate our chance to visit with you thanks Mike he does have a good day Paul Allen the longtime voice of the Minnesota Vikings on the Vikings radio networking K. fan radio this is because once it is because this thing we've always been on the same page I've always said cousins this call near the top ten and I've.

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