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And his logo is his name like in a big fun Cox and then underneath it, Governor California and right through the OO. You know when you watch as an MGM when you when they open and the lion like sticks his head through the That's what's the bear is sticking its head like growling with its big bear teeth, right through the O in his name, and I'm sorry, man. I can't get past it. To me. He's also going to be known as the Bear guy. Yeah, he's just lost right name recognition because he attached himself to a mascot. Yes, and the branding of he's the beast. But the bears the beast, So he is the bear. But you know what I mean, and it's like dude, don't you, Ben? Don't brand yourself a beast. The only people the only people who can say they're beasts, and I'll let it slide are people that crossfit boxes? There enough, and even then it's pretty silly, but this I really I really I want somebody who shows they're taking it very seriously. And I don't think that this shows a man. This is my opinion. I don't think this shows a man taking it seriously because it's too weird, and it's too arch and it's too contrived in its to unnecessary. No, he's I'm sure he's looking for a hook, right? Yeah. Bad hook. Add up. All right, Let's get a news update from Jennifer Jones Lee And then Oh, yeah. Longer school year to make up for all the lost instruction time during the pandemic. That idea is over at l. A unified thistles. Kay. If I am 6 40 live everywhere on the free I Heart radio APP Advisor says it expects high risk groups will be the first to get a covert booster shot. The company already revealed a third dose will be needed within 12 months of becoming fully vaccinated and likely repeated every year. Two Asian women in San Francisco were in the hospital after being stabbed, apparently for no reason. Please say a man walked up behind the 65 year old in 85 year old at a bus stop, slashed them both and took off. He was arrested a couple of hours later and today could be a big boost for restaurants. They're hoping to welcome big lunch and dinner crowds celebrating Cinco de Maio. Many are offering freebies and discounts. We've got a crash on the 2 10 with the K F eye in the sky..

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