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Benny lovitz take on bob dylan song emotionally yours it appears on her new album called things have changed so you haven't met bob dylan officially i guess but i heard the story that that you have kissed him or that he kissed you would you tell us the story we were in italy and when i tried to come out of my jessica neum security told me i couldn't because mr mr dylan was about to go on stage and i was like well i don't care i'm finished that i'm leaving so when i came fast them and came out very annoyed he was right across maybe twenty feet walking toward the stage and i said hey robert dillon bass player was walking with him and i saw him mouth to bob of that's betty so he came across to my face in both his hands kiss me square on the mouth and walked onstage oh my goodness so we're calling it prelude to words as opposed to a kiss us praying to the words well he certainly he's less said lots of words in his life i guess sometimes you can say better say better with the kiss i guess oh that's so good what year would that have been oh gosh it's only maybe three oh wow wow have you have you gotten any feedback from him or from his people on this album just from his manager who has endured and gave me license to do whatever i wish we're taking his an assumption that about maybe like sewers manager assumes he would like we don't know well i guess we'll find out if you're ever at a festival with him again he kisses on the lips right there you go find out so get another kid has will good to go okay well you let you let us know we'll follow up feddie levette is my guest here on the road cafe her new album is called things have changed she's interpreting the songs of bob dylan sometimes betty when i studied songs and leyritz especially that have been written by people that i'm going to interview i come away thinking that i know something about them or they at least have have ideas or questions about the way that they see the world based on the lyrics that they right and you've gotten so up close and personal with the lyrics of bob dylan that you've covered at least for the for the songs that are on this album is there something that you've learned about him as a person or that you would ask him about as a person after having such a close relationship with his words although a lot of things had asked him as why said this has opposed to that but in terms of knowing him i've i'm seventy two years old i've known a lot of men it's hard for them to fool me now in any kind of way and i think i know i don't think he would i would be surprised at all i don't think he would do say anything that would surprise me i been telling the audience that trying to find something in common with him he loses about everything and so do oh so we had that in can you tell me what you mean like is there an example of a of a song earlier that you're thinking about when you say that 'cause that's really funny survey shen we'll know just the songs if they say we it's what kind of job we are in what kinda trouble we the world then he says unless it's something you've done to win made him feel particular way a real ee soft made me made my hands sweat made my knee shake maybe run down the street will barrels oh my goodness yet that really comes to light in in your versions because i think what you said about his emotionality i think that his sort of public image can be sort of like prickly or standoffish as the way that some people see him but when you hear these words sung on their own i'm believe that if you were in love with you he would be in love with you just the way i see emotionally us i think it's just what he feels inside but that's kind of a raw emotion to sit out.

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