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Yeah that's really exciting so i'm kind of an also even though it's just online we did a popo in our office and the person pop up so i want to meet the women who were doing it there's some came in and they said look my stock become a tower but i just want to experience coming here because we feel all the makeovers on long on instagram so people can go on and just every day see to make women because i think we never get bored of seeing wouldn't be made over but the most exciting to me is when you come in you have boughten were scared and they leave and they lost them because since i was six i've enjoyed the ocsta makeover and that's the most pleasurable thing to give another woman she looks in the mirror she's happy with what she seems and you just think you've got it you've seen you've seen who you can be we'll you've seen who you are now would you say so instagram is the place ready to follow you and just to make sure that everything's on there it's different because i have a slightly different audience on facebook and instagram so instagram is more they're not fashion beauty equally and make them if you just like make going from new london facebook is a more intense relationship people when i do a live on a sunday morning to do this lazy sunday morning tuning into thinking sundays so good so we get people into we got in this law demand should be talked about homers and you have one hundred forty thousand people and they and this twelve hundred people commenting and should be on i go back to all of them and they were quite detailed questions so there people can go and feel they're really hard and really take part in the conversation and instagram they can post comments on on a live i do a live most mornings on stories and then they can put in stuff and i'll try gates rupe itself is it goes through so quickly and see all the questions i might not so twenty questions whereas facebook it's it's more you've got time and people say it's teatime in this amp going to also wind australian found so it's like sunday night for them so they get glass of wine and they and they sit down.

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