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What's he gonna do now in the first round oak. Mon- wow yeah. I wanna be the very best like no one ever was something to train them. Is my game on eater tell you what if this paul somehow finds. Its way into a weird corner of twitter. You're winning this shit with pokemon. There's no doubt about it pops up. Yeah you're winning you honestly gonna. I'm gonna fucking quote tweet. Just say what's one of the vans was by all the time. Now there's one of the fuck it. It's interesting three letters tweet. Ten thousand retweets obt k. k. Pt is now the decay. Kill a murderer in kansas. No bt 's yeh bts you will. I mean but i'll i'll honestly though maybe karl knows i don't think to ever did it. But that's a great. That's a great theme song. Watch pokemon exactly. Is that at seven. Am got to catch them all year. I never there was a little weird moment where i was watching digital mon to then. That's when my dad's got side we're not going. Here's your baseball kid. one. I watched a little bit okay. I was old too. I was like fucking eleven or twelve years old watching that. Shit as carl's phone right now you're gonna see a lot of sick one show with the word on that so good fucking pacman. Your i mean. I i disagree. Well you don't know anything about it about it either that it is a problem like with friends. I don't know anything but like you can't deny that pokemon was on equivocally hugely popular. One still pretty much is yeah. I mean one brand in the world really what number number one is pokemon number two. Hello kitty number. Three ahead mickey mouse winnie the pooh. While mickey for mickey's floor. I believe and who's doing this like poland. Come on we get. This is nick campbell google. Yeah a lot of research the kfc. I mean when you're talking biggest brands of world. I'm like it's pokemon beating nike talk. Yeah no that's an obscenely apple shit. Hey on was biggest franchises. No well we can move on. But i'm going to let you do wanna move. We'll come back carlsberg. i have to take it. I'm taking the office. John doesn't like it. I don't give a fuck john. I'm sorry but it's y'all like it at all like the tv show or the song. I love the song the song it's just one of those. I've watched the show so many time. It's just become overplayed like a lot of great songs become thinks i like to. I have a couple. did it. Also get proven for being overly loud. Are you worried about that that some people are scarred by that. No no would. i'm worried about is. There's not lyrics. Yes just that. I don't think that's a bad thing at all. There's not the simpsons either it just a smooth crisp little piano medley. But he is kind of like a chance for fucker. I haven't tried. yeah. I haven't. But i should for a second then it came to me so i think it's actually a lot harder than you guys would think based on your reaction because if i thought i could play it. I would've sat down to them. Like i'll figure it out. No say there's a lot of fucking pinkies moving around there all right. The office fourth-round. I'm taking peaky blinders. Read right. And i'm doing a rewatch now and that's a good show to have on in the background period but the way the fucking per caution hits aunt thing it's so it's just a bad song it lines up for want to punch.

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