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So that will be interesting for all the all the hard rock fans out there bladder final words well, okay. One thing I have to say that I feel the O C has been done some injustice that they. Talked about the individual members should get more accolades especially a Buck Dharma that guys out of this world with his Solo. Refined sophisticated. It's like he knows exactly what to play, what knocked to blame and just can't praise them enough. Another thing that's worth mentioning is that be see is returning this year with another record the first one in nineteen years. So the bank has been active all along. They've been touring I think right now they have two original members, which is pretty good at this point of their career having two original members fifty plus years. Yeah. It's pretty up pretty impressive and some. Of, the new tracks are already out. So go go through the streaming services CA- listen and interesting enough the actually sound more hard rocking and more having now than back in the seventies. So that's another thing. So take a listen and we're very excited about the new album that's about the drop in Tober. So a great thing to know that a lot of these actors still out there and especially great knowing that the OC still has two key members in the lineup. Buck Dharma at. Bloom us. Oh Eric Burke right yeah. So that's a huge recommendation. I can hardly wait to hear the whole thing. Fantastic. Okay. Dear listeners. Thanks again for tuning. Again go check out B O c. and give us some feedback. We always welcome any kind of feed back comments a you can also engage with our social media posts. Our handle on social media is sound rice spud Also, if you would like to support this show, you can join the Patriot community and support us for as little as one dollar per month that mean a lot to us. So go check that out Patriot com slash sunray spud. Now we're getting the MIC over to France at Padre by. Writer Review in then you can share it with the world in any social media platform and then your friends see it and you can share and discover new shows together..

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