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Have been killed since two thousand seven R. as thank you very much all right its crest I just guess what if you're like me I could have your taxes are going to raise not cut my name is Joe Biden I'm a democratic candidate for United States Senate look me over your legacy help out if not both together by give me a look though okay great with me Jordan Jones three oh three three oh we choose truth over facts play the radio make sure the televisions in the scrimmage make sure you have a record player on the following make sure the kids here words for kitchen gestures bring justice tells white kids trump does pose an actual strength to this no it's not not sure whether it's the medical school or otherwise back in the spring late fall owners I mean late spring late winter early fall anywhere you know what I mean his mom lived in in Long Island for ten years or so god rest your soul and although she's way your mom still your mom still alive is your dad passed lesser so Chuck Graham state senators here Chuck stand up Johnson to see hope god love you one of my talking about who will be the next president United States this is we.

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