Barack Obama, North Korea, Senator Bill Perry discussed on The Larry Elder Show


This one to you iran okay in obam on obama national security council spokesperson his name is tommy via tour admits that obama made no progress regarding north korea this is a former obama in esi spokesperson and to you know do you think looking back now with everything that's going on with north korea if president obama had anything to change about his policies with north korea do you think he would change anything or what he has stayed course that's a good question i mean i think you can't look at the situation and say you you would have stayed the course right because we didn't achieve what we need to achieve which was to stop their nuclear program thing to an interview former senator bill perry did clinton sector and they had started michael late 90s early 2000s this diplomatic track with north korea that they felt like was on the precipice of getting some sort of breakthrough and then the bush administration because because the koreans were actually cheating ended up walking away from it thinking they should punish them and get back there and then you know we just never got to a place where um progress isn't it i mean this thing was always cranking along with we got sanctions could on them we tightened down a whole bunch of sanctions but that's a input it's not an what right like there was no nothing progressed in the way we wanted as a result of this action no kidding trent francs is a republican member of the house from arizona i think they do i don't think they realise how dangerous the situation is north korea has gone you know i've been on the on the strategic nuclear forces committee for fifteen years and there progress over those years has been really frightening but recently under bill club sorry under barack obama they tested nuclear warheads four times and they tested missiles eleven times so their capability has dramatically progressed and i will say to you that for them to be attacking this president is absolutely astonishing to me this president is doing what's necessary to make sure when he says locked and loaded i can suggest to you.

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