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Vision, Life and disability insurance. It's not always about whose biggest and loan ist successes about focus. Ask your broker about Renaissance. Robin. We're doubly GOP traffic Storm team 44 Day forecast in we're goingto bring in live now Matt Ritter again. He's watching the rain tonight. That way we had written earlier today. Dimitri and we're getting more now, and it's starting to become some more soaking rain, and we don't have the room to put it right now on storm team for radar. There's one to shower, occupying most of central Montgomery County in Maryland, so definitely support downpours on to 70. But the most of the rain is stretching from southern Maryland over the title, Potomac and down towards the Stafford County areas of the city of Fredericksburg down into Spotsylvania County, too. If you're on 95 right now in Virginia, heading south bound, and if you're planning to go all the way to Richman, you're going to be driving through a lot of heavy rain once you get into Stafford County, just just anticipated and get used to it now, the rest of the listing area not seeing too much right now, but we're watching. More areas of rain and even some thunderstorms start to form in southwestern Virginia, and that's going to be heading towards a stir in the late evening and overnight hours. The flash flood watch this been posted all day for most listening area doesn't even start to midnight. So really, we're only at the halfway point of this entire event, so the showers turning into more steady rain heavy at times. Late this evening into overnight tonight warm and unseasonably humid. In the meantime, there could even be a few thunderstorms with this stuff in temperatures to hold steady this evening in the upper sixties, too low seventies and only go down a couple degrees overnight tonight, but those would be the highest for tomorrow as the strong cold front goes through that's causing all this. The periods of rain will taper off the showers during the midday hours tomorrow, and temperatures will start falling into the fifties tomorrow afternoon, and the humidity will start dropping The flash flood Watch goes all the way till 11 o'clock in the morning. So tomorrow morning's commute going to be pretty rough, too. That it'll all and Thursday night completely and Friday. We'll just have some clouds in the morning that mostly sunny skies were seasonal temperatures and much more comfortable humidity. Highs will be the upper fifties and sixties and dry on Saturday and Sunday 69 degrees right now in Knoxville, 67. Mount Airy 69 in northwest DC Much appreciated, Sir 7 51 and the family of a man killed in a crash after a police chase last month, is demanding an outside investigation. The attorney for the family.

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