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You have to keep your team focused on that higher purpose the same time. You have to sure everyone on your team that have a voice and they have ownership in what they do in. It's a perpetual growth cycle. Keeping your team focused on the higher objectives while growing them in the visually. That is what builds your breen as a leader as your team grows and succeeds. That's reflection on you. As the team comes to you advice and direction you have an amazing opportunity to make yourself not necessary. We'll wait a minute not necessary. You're the leader. But as the great. Ken blanchard one. Said your job is leader is not done until the team need anymore. That is a great thing. The team is functioning highly. And you as the leader are now ready for a bigger challenge when the team doesn't need you anymore. Thank you so much for joining me for another show. Please share this podcast with your friends and colleagues and start up your own discussions on the topic of the show. Don't forget that subscribe button. So you never miss a show and check out the links in the show notes in give us a rating so you know how we're doing and five stars would be pretty sweet so until next week remember you know you have to get work done with other people but how you get done work with other people is entirely up to you..

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