Rhonda Santa, President Trump, Florida discussed on Mark Levin


Politically in in our state. If you're not familiar, he currently is a democrat that is serving out of the Saint Pete area. But anyway. Well, it's about time. He actually was a Republican governor in Florida. Rubio ran him out of the party. That's what happened anyway, continuing and Wednesdays endorsement of Santa's the PBA president said Disentis would be the kind of governor who would stand up for what he is sorted are unfair efforts to malign police, quote, the men and women of law enforcement want to tell that Rhonda Santa's has our backs. That's why I'm proud to announce that we have his back said the Florida PBA president. In his endorsement of dishonest is sorted that police had been treated unfairly in recent years said the quote from the president of the or the police benevolent association. As we've seen in the past few years. Police have been scrutinized for doing their job and kicked to the curb by special interest groups media and politicians whichever resulted in the rise of law enforcement officers being killed or assaulted and the line of duty. He said. And the my blood boils here. But the whatever you want to refer to this. Poser that pretends to be an objective journalist that wrote this garbage for the sun sentinel. He ended the article with this. He didn't offer examples of how scrutiny police has resulted in police being killed or assaulted. Call myself down. Morning show yesterday. At one point. I was actually yelling I had a mother's their children in the car. You know, what this is that big of a deal because if we don't have good cops what happens in this country. It's game over it's game over. And part of what made me so upset. I noticed what was going on. Now long after the whole cabernet thing. Brooke? Taking a look in. I was tracking violence towards police officers. Remember before the whole Nick thing, even you had the Dallas Cowboys, and they wanted to honor, you know, the cops that were murdered the NFL wouldn't let them and all that. And I started being more aware of what was happening to police officers in this country. And I noticed that there had been escalating violence is actually started a weekly series that I do here in south Florida. That tracks the violence against police officers. And here you have someone posing as journalists who has the audacity to say he didn't offer examples have oust police has resulted in police being killed or assaulted. Well, I got it for you. You might suck at what you do might not do any homework might not want to because it would just prove the nonsense narrative a year advanced. But here's what's real. In the story. Remember, this is the Florida police benevolent association ain't about politics is it they endorsed the democrat for years ago for governor. They're endorsing Rhonda Santa's the Republican this year. So obviously, it's because it matters more now right now. He fill in the blanks here since twenty fifteen five hundred and seventy three police officers died in the line of duty five hundred seventy three. Says they last made a political endorsement of those five hundred seventy three officers three hundred and forty or killed three forty..

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