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Trying to figure out like this is dr bauer is like she's a great therapist gonna find her dr well yeah okay well when the billions when we all have our infinite pool of fire out women and in pool of money one of those like infinity pools just money it's just money money just fill the falling out of it yeah well it just looks like it's falling off a building back cycle back god that'd be gusting crow suit smell weird seat smell so weird if all those germs i always thought about i don't know if it was this a my head more sties swimming applause spaghetti what i feel like that was in a movie like some adam sandler movie or something like a pool of spaghetti can you imagine like swimming spaghetti can i was like tomatoes dream tom oto he's our friend he did the music for podcasts the guy get him on here yeah well does anyone have any more questions for benita we made you real really teach us a lot yeah thank you my favorite to grab everything else about this tells about this about this literally my favorite thing to do so what are you working on now some now i'm actually developing a documentary about sustainable she's combining all her power filmmaking seems like the most natural route which is like weird to me that i didn't think of that suitor run just like brewing this storm was brewing spring.

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