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And so to have a scene where characters that we have we have known for eight seasons, some some slightly less. I guess. Unlikely characters to be together unlikely friends unlikely companions all of whom are scarred in multiple ways. Whether they physically lost a hand or they were nursed by a giant widow. They lost something else or they they've all lost stuff along the way. But no, but particularly talking about the characters in that brand seen none of whom I believe had been castrated on Cameron an honor bestowed only on the-an, I believe of the main cast to have them just be around together and feel the weight of the moment, but the audience also feels the significance of the moment. Because we know this is our last time with some of these people. Well, it's really wonderful. It's really rare. And I think that Benny often, and Dan Weiss and Brian cognitive been there with them almost from the beginning really lived up to the moment. Yeah. I think one of the themes the upsets we talked about this last night. I talked thrones. But the word uttered a couple of time. Times throughout was afterwards. You know dance onto having this conversation that kinda gets derailed. When like what happens after all this? And this concept of will will let's see we live. Let's say we make it but the episode itself as fuel by kind of last night on earth urgency, and I couldn't help. But think about some of the meta commentary of like, these these characters are also in these actors who have spent so much time together are also kind of separating from one another professionally, and there was a lot of really touching moments in between people like that. Even when they were only sons Danny have not had that many. I don't think any one on one conversations like they did last night, by the way ever since onset took over as the lady of the rhythm nation. She hasn't looked as fine as you did last night. He large large chain. Yeah. Thursday's elephant chain chain, hang low. But that was that was incredible. Yeah. But also, it's funny. It's really funny. What the difference week makes? And now you've got in my head with this idea of thinking them together. But I on the podcast last week. I was talking about how I felt almost rushed with some of these some of these encounters some of these reunions that they felt just they they felt economical word that I've used now in complete twice, but once in a positive context one in a negative context. Then you get to this week's episode where the hound aria scene is certainly shorter than the one the previous week. But it was terrific..

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