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Tori lee soto 27 years old her assessed for life was evident to all who knew her she was serious if she needed to be and silly more often than people would expect she was beautiful with sparkling blue eyes benjamin andrew wheeler six years old the constant sparkle in his eyes showed his delight with all the world and his slightly mischievous plans for it in the aftermath of the shooting and emotional president obama call for action he told lawmakers and the american people now was the time to respond can we truly say as a nation there were meeting our obligations can we honestly say that were doing enough to keep our children all of a safe from heart so we claim as a nation that were all together they're letting them know that their loved and teaching them to love in return when we say that will truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives unhappiness and what purpose i've been reflecting on this last few days and if were honest with ourselves the answer is no we're not doing and we will have to change a month later in connecticut governor dental malloy spoke before the state legislature and asked lawmakers how they would respond we have lifted one another up and continue carrying out the spirit of our fallen heroes and our wounded families and our beautiful lost children as a state and as a community we will continue to do whatever we can for the families of new town but we must also ask ourselves what is our responsibility to those we've lost two one another to the children and to future generations gentleman louis announced the sandy hook advisory commission the goal to guide future action on mental health on gun violence and on public safety now we may never know what motivated the events at sandy hook elementary but that will not stop us from working to prevent future tragedies over the coming months the commission will come together to make specific actionable recommendations an area of school in areas of school safer.

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