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ESPN RADIO LOUIS ESPN news. I was going to get into we'd in the national football league because Calvin Johnson talked about retired Mega tron received that he was with the Detroit Detroit Lions talked about how you use medicinal marijuana every day. I just WANNA say for the record. I don't have time to get into it. I will get into tomorrow but I'll say this. I've never been opposed to weed being used for medicinal purposes. My problem is with it being used for recreational purposes. My the problem is for dudes. WanNa get all high showing up to work. They won't have that freedom shouldn't be relaxed most weird what's wrong. Puff Puff Pass Stephen. Hey what's wrong with it you know what could you imagine. Somebody's sitting up there. The engage in a recreation leuze repressed confidently knows now is cool saw good. You do sections dammit here. I'm Steve Neighbor. No it happens opens. Be I chew. De Lost the game. I know just one gain though muscle the must be just one game. It's GonNa be alright paying customers fifty sixty two thousand people out there. They're paid to come to watch your plate millions of watching television. What the Hell you doing Stephen Cy be cool sweat member Lamar Odom and I think I don't know this but I think I think it's safe to say that he may have engaged in some usage along the way at the finals Kobe Golf because they lost again to Boston and the mall was like we coming back to the relaxed GOPI right back to the CRIB member that he was right though they did go back to the grid and they did win but I'm just saying? Do you really really want to see your athlete like could that's what they talk about. If we be a real everything dislo person I got no issue with data but for recreational purposes hell no on the field or court I will see ask me all you brothers out. There form athletes just a cannabis business Harrington and the crew. I support you make that money. y'All ain't playing go with the cost you money for those that it costs money to and still insist on using your new damn fool ooh good luck terry you lava Stephen a real quick. Oh even I just wanted to say thanks for taking my call. I'm a huge fan a yours and I know you're not going to be a huge fan of mine because I am a Dallas Fan but I did go ahead. I have heard you say anything about the cowboys. The True on everything that you've said has been right and I know you get a lot of black from cowboy fans but you're speaking the truth. We really haven't played anybody and we're GONNA I have a we're going to have a test. this week with the saints for sure but because you don't even have drew brees you got Teddy Bridgewater. You should gain well. I'm hoping that you're right but you know saints. Defense is still playing pretty good Nice Job Alvin Kamara over there so that's all right. I'll see you later man. We'll talk more tomorrow junior alive Stephen a real quick junior gout Stephen. I respect the a man on on the air but I think I think you feel a little bit uncomfortable. I think you always say that the cowboys just an accident waiting to happen. When you you stirring the pot? You know you see you see US fixing or turn that corner man you got twenty twenty seconds hurry up. I think we picked it up and you kinda worry go ahead. I'll let you know no no no. I think you've got a chance Dallas cowboys right now should be the top team in the NFC go to the Super Bowl. My whole thing is is a northern I am at the notion of having to listen to Y'all up to that point. I'm loving the fact that's all my lose. The Super Bowl if you get there and you're so close and then hopes plummet that pitted me misery as what a wish if a y'all I hope Dallas Cowboy fans only thing that makes me mad Christmas will be ruined your New Year would.

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