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Just saw Brenda Lawrence's full statement the African American that can't and you know she was on the podcast over the weekend saying she she opposed this impeachment vote on trump it's an election year is not necessary so close election and she recanted is it I've I've I've I've changed because somebody got chores and I I now see the value but you know she ended with she ended with I am very troubled that the Republicans in the Senate we'll find him not guilty and the whole thing will not have been work or some such thing I'm telling you folks do not doubt me the fact that he's gonna be acquitted in the Senate is bugging them yeah I totally agree they want the black mark that's the word impeachment attached to trump makes and they want to be able to run around was impeached he's on the fifth president they want to try to make a campaign that's been the modus operandi action against go but they can't what are you gonna do when the Senate says not guilty it's the equivalent of Mahler's saying no collusion not guilty still we still in Bridgeton okay find run on that the fact that she said I'm still troubled by the fact that the Senate we'll find him not guilty this womans pretty smart that I think is one of the real reason is it she announced in the podcast over the weekend a pull back from this and even though they made her we can't she's still got that point in in her restatement you know more and more of us are using phones to make purchases on online particularly this time a year you think of a gift idea and it's it's just easier it's easy to shop online with your phone or your laptop your computer than ever before but if you're doing that while you're on public wifi you could be giving your own identity away as a gift to cyber thugs monitoring people on public wifi networks you would even know what where ever you are on public wifi if you happen to be in a busy place like a mall or a coffee shop in a mall anywhere British public wifi I will guarantee you that there is at least one hacker nearby logged into that network trying to find a way to get in the all the other devices that are logged into that network no I don't know how often they succeed but it's more often than you would believe and if they're able to log in to other devices on the network making plant now where or they can go ahead and log in what you don't know what and steal data from your drive and you don't know what you don't know what until all of a sudden it's used well the objective should be in it when you are on wifi and especially when you're using your credit card information to make purchases when you're on public wifi you want to try to find a way to make sure your invisible make sure that nobody can see you because you have to know the hackers are there it's a way of life for people summer white hat hackers they do it just for the fun of it others are black cat they're the bad guys they actually thieves so how do you make your connection invisible well there's a way to call VPN virtual private network and there's a bunch of them out there that you can become a part of we looked at a there's one that stands out it's from Norton they have been involved in our hardware and software security for decades they were one of the very first firms involved in helping people secure the hardware of their laptop to make sure malware was not implanted during web connections and what have you they now have a virtual private network called Norton security VPN when you use it you'll cannot be seen it in the visible you are on a private connection that is encrypted and in shrouded it is impossible for anybody to see your connection in addition if you want you can direct your connection through any of the five hundred servers around the world literally if you want to route your connection for where you are to whatever business you're doing with through a server in Belarus you can do it nobody.

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