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The rifle first footage am that's when save stray had approached him and the gunmen grabbed his pistol and executed his classmate he then fired into the crowd hitting three students until that got jail ten the schools custodian ordered him to give up he did the suspect told detectives he was bully any wanted to teach teaches classmates a lesson that we didn't target anyone in particular the families of three girls wounded on wednesday have spoken for the first time they're released a joint statement thinking the community for the help thoughts and prayers they say that their daughters are now recovering from their wounds new parking idea in seattle is four apartment garages were not all the stalls or take it opened their doors to the general public allowing apartment owners make a little money in the process and idea that brian stevens with a seattle department of construction inspection says could ease the street parking crunch in the city so this opens up a new market for parking in your community in a building that might just be across the street from where you live recent survey found that thirty five percent of all parking store all sit emptied residential buildings those draft legislation's up for public review through october fifth then it gets forwarded to the city council the final vote possible some time in december checks will be going out in the mail to thousands of people affected by in elaborate pricefixing conspiracy by manufacturers of lcd screens state attorney general bob ferguson announced that more than forty five or forty one i should say million dollars will go to more than twenty four thousand people on average that's two hundred and three dollars each ferguson says from 1998 two thousand six the makers of lcd screens would meet and conspire to artificially increase prices this is one of the largest settlements in the history of the attorney general's antitrust.

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