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Yep you're right you're right and it's it's onerous task and difficult and afterward you'll be so glad you did hopefully you've gotten something from it before you break up with this therapist let's hope but also just you know this is i think a powerful episode because so many people find themselves stuck in these cycles of going to therapy and not feeling like they're getting the benefit out of it and it's really hard to be an advocate for yourself it really is yeah yeah so mama be and i are here to cheer you on we each have our own perspective on how to do that yes that is good point my mom's perspective is informed by thirty five years as a psychologist and family therapist having your own private practice you'll hear her reference that a butch and then my perspective you will find is informed by tinker bell metaphors and lisa frank binders so look forward to that i also know you all look forward to how fast i can read the disclaimer for episode so i'd just like to remind you that this episode is for informational purposes only it's not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition also cms up to a normal human i'll treatment decision should be made in partnership with your health for all yeah from here on out we are cheerleaders we are cheerleader we are cheering you out of therapy if that's where you need to be held up array harari who team go team therapy breakup squad.

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