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Sale. It's a little tougher now because Amazon's kind of blurred aligns where black Friday starts and stops because in fact this year they did Prime Day, it's getting trying to get people into into into the buying spirit before One of the tips for your email marketing campaigns try not. To go head-to-head at the busiest time it sounds a little counterintuitive but by starting your black Friday sale a little bit early, you can get your is more. You get more is on your offers as opposed, trying to compete because Amazon and Walmart are gonNA over. Well, right A lot of the big players I should say, not just Amazon and Walmart but the big players so. Try to think David and Goliath right. Be, creative and get those. Email marketing campaigns in front of your audience at times when the others are maybe not hitting them, it's hard for sure. Yeah and I mean it look it's it's even to a point of you know outbidding under ads rate of your small business and you're trying to target for some of the same keywords and things like that. Some of the bigger players join right? You're you'RE GONNA get bid but. Even if it's place at Black Friday sale of the first week of November second week of November if that's working for, you does perfect in you know it gives you a little bit more opportunity to shine versus you know the bigger players placing all their deals closer to the actual black Friday date, right? Yeah. For sure and I think one of the things that we also want to talk about So another other creative email idea that we've done in the past very successfully. So there's the twelve days of Christmas and you twenty one days of. Holidays what you can you can come up with a concept and a campaign that has a theme to it almost like a boot camp but about your products so. Create sequences of emails that are tailored to your. Audience. Through. US purchases and things that they're interested in right sequence those out and whether you're using mail chimp or active campaign or shop a female or campaign monitor, whatever they all have similar capabilities to create automation sequences based on the actions and the reactions of your users. You're not just sending out campaigns it you can create a branching logic based on what they do. one other thing that just as a little bit.

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