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Just my opinion when when you'd right mornings kauppi he was it active i guess because the coach's decision not injury there were some debate i guess you know because i know he's been battling some different things but they said it was a coach's decision i just i just think he's i realize he's conditioning comes and goes maybe his focus comes and goes but man he looked good rushing the passer they have to find a way to put more heat on russell than they put on cam yeah and and i think they'll be able to do that yellow dog frontoflineout as an arrogant what what carolina goods and i think you gotta match the intensity of their deep aren't so i would expect and who knows what what good solid is going to do with more characters but i don't know what's going on with erin i i do think is i believe in as gallant um there's no question about that eu joan nani shown what he's capable of these two hundred seventy pounds um not exactly sure what their intention is but i think in the big picture it will pay off yeah of give you know maybe a couple of major give new card right maybe you're trying to light acquire under a i don't know what they're trying to do but when he gets on the field he's going to have an impact up rahmatullah yeah i always play this card but i think quarterback is the most important position in all of sports and yeah like i said i'm even tadamitsu self bringing up hoyer all the time guy listen you don't make the nfl unless you have talent but i'll go back to the well again when you've been on six teams in nine years i gotta ask you this again is this about what we should expect from from brian no no no i would expect more i expected mori expected more out of himself i'm sure you're you know bakken track if circumstances than why you've been like all these teams um you know two two to fifteen eu any craftsmen greece not going to be there you know not.

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