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The first time in thousands of you know what i mean. Isn't that fucking crazy. All like like like the world connected again and he's wondering what would have happened. Had the world never connected because right like certain. A certain continent of humans could have just evolved and veered into a different species like his his points. That kangaroos have pouches in australia. Because they're just like their that's how they are over there and like wolves and dogs like they changed from based off of like your climate and your tape but now we like intermixed and we'll have the human species. No one on earth is more scared of anything. Then jake passes of kangaroos by herber. Quick question. I don't have the answer but go ahead. How long does it take to like a volvo new species. Let's say everybody just locked away any time you had to give a date on that one hundred thousand years social experiment if we just push people off the green light said like no you can't you can't talk to them for a hundred thousand years out. I bet if you. I bet if you put yeah i mean i bet if you put like they would never survive but if you put people on just like an island for a hundred thousand years. They would absolutely change and adapt. That's interesting you don't think so. No i think so. I definitely think so very much sense. Where like everyone came from this one area right. I get it. They got separated. And now it's like all right. Now it's your turn to now be like that kangaroo where you can grow a pouch. But instead in time they came back around the other side of the earth and they they made it and now we all over the fox. About how fucking long. A hundred thousand years right. Because the problem is the people who come up with the idea are not gonna come anywhere close to seeing what happens nine like we're talking the roman egyptians and stuff what like twenty five hundred bees. So that's forty five hundred years ago. We're talking a hundred thousand years ago as a judge how much our brains have evolved in. Just a hundred years. I feel like i mean. Just advances in technology modern advancements. It's like what you can do. One hundred thousand years is just i dunno. It's just crazy. So what do you call up. A golan's mixers all you know your brain gets to such a level where you create something. Amazing is mix which. I'm actually. I got an owens transfusion right. Now in a haider's cup for joe you go to amazon okay. Big price drop. You're gonna like what you see on there in terms price in terms of quality in terms of your options. So do yourself a favor go on amazon. Order yourself. Some owens mixtures you wanna right to your home you get next day delivery or to out to the store you go to owens mixers dot com store locator. So you can just figure out..

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