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You have to believe that while they were doing their job sean that they were a political that they just went about their business the way a doctor does and looking at a patient no feelings whatsoever just the facts pursue the facts but then you see these tweets and you see them do interviews and you say there is no way they could have been nonpartisan when they're on the job and it had to affect the way went about their business well it's now obvious and you know if you look at i wasn't gonna do this but let me let me go back to where i started the program today and and that is you know if you look at all the headlines you know something has happened now you follow media coverage that is you know look at cheryl atkinson's piece or the new york post michael washers piece or even i think the biggest shock of all of this is you even have clinton people now mark penn you know talking about the deep state now there was a time and you follow this where you know i was excoriated by socalled news people for the coverage that i have been involved in for the last year you know but i'm looking at i have a pile of headlines today and let's see oh charlie hurt what obama has political tomb gang did is far worse than watergate mainstream media silence on stefan helpers name ends the fact that this guy was paid according to the new york post four hundred thousand dollars in it and according to a report zero hedge over a million this guy was paid a lot of money for spying on the trump campaign that's a problem for them trump attorney after twice lying fbi admits clinton lynch tarmac documents exist and we'll be issued they lied about it james clapper perjured himself while giving congressional testimony we're supposed to trust him we're supposed to trust brennan here's another headline trump to order investigation into the fbi doj surveillance of his campaign and obama administration involvement the deep state is real a.

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