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That game misconduct podcast with Don league-record and welcome to the Tuesday edition of game is conduct. I am the Greg. Let's get right to it. Major trade the NHL last night Muhsin goes from Los Angeles to the Maple Leafs. And we've talked about it plenty of times drop the wants to make a serious run at a Stanley Cup. They had to improve their defense more. Specifically, a stay at home defenceman. We'll Muslim comes in. It's got twenty one points on the season. He's not slouches far as offenses concern, you know, play on top pairing with Riley. So there's a lot of production that that defensive units gonna give you, but they've gotta find somebody outside of Ron Hansie who's thirty seven years old that could be a guy that could stand up forwards at the blue line that can go after the best forward on the other team, matchup wise. I mean, they were gonna lose every match of Toronto in the playoffs. It gets really good team because they didn't have anybody to go up against you know, the top line for Boston team. They're likely going to play in the first round. How do you stop Sidney Crosby of getting Malik? And how do you stop Alexander Ovechkin and nNcholas Backstrom? How do you stop stamkos and kucherov? If you wanna make run to the Stanley Cup final. So I'm not saying that Muhsin cures all ills. But it makes a lot of sense now first round pick and some prospects. That's pretty juicy but Muslims under contract through next year. It's a management deal as far as the cap is concerned a four point six million dollars. And I'm sure the Toronto will consider after the nineteen twenty season. Whether they want to bring. Him back. We'll see where the calorie salary cap structure is going to be and what ends up happening with some of their free agents. But it's not like, it's a rental. You have them for a run this year and next year and may have the wherewithal to keep him around Muslim. Of course was part of to Stanley Cup championships with the Los Angeles Kings. So he's been there. He's done that. These are the types of moves teams have to make now on the surface. When you think about defense been that I want to make a run I'm not sure Jake Muhsin was on like the top list of fans out there who said that's going to be the difference between winning Stanley Cup or not. But certainly he had been on the radar of many general managers around the league Toronto makes the move. And now they've improved themselves with the acquisition of Taveras during the off season which bolstered their offense big time and has allowed them to fight through some of the injuries. They've had with Matthews with the holdout of Neil Lander. And now they get themselves study defenseman the acquisition of Hanes. He was also a good one last year. So you sprinkle in the offense with sites with Riley with Gardner, and now you've got. To stay at home guys. But Muslim as I said could produce some offense in any given year this guy that can give you forty fifty points on on Toronto. This is a guy that can be a stay at home defenseman that could score north of fifty points on this team. So I think the acquisition was good. We've seen in recent years that the trade deadline is just a mere suggestion that it seems like a lot of deals get done way before the deadline. So even before we get into February. We're seeing these deals get done so slightly under a month before the deadline Toronto, they sound the bell. I and now we'll see who else. Decides to follow will Boston trying to make a move now to try to keep up with Toronto to try to get that home ice advantage in the first round who else in the Eastern Conference is gonna make a deal. What's Pittsburgh going to do another loss for the penguins last night? They cannot beat the devils on a bet six Owen one New Jersey against Pittsburgh over the last couple of years, including all three meetings this year being devil wins. So just it's crazy that the devils a team. That listen last year. I guess it makes sense because they were a playoff team. But the doubles do not look like a playoff team this year and still own a playoff team. But this Pittsburgh think about making move to solidify a plow spot. What is Washington do as they seem to be in free fall?.

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