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Degrees here in the arena bay i waterfront some a shining heading for a high of about to forty two degrees talking about a number of talk topics on the gear ration week not the least of which is a democrat congressman john louis's comments carson from georgia stressing that donald trump is not a legitimate to precedent tommy is in goff during he'd like to talk about that tommy welcoming shortly report jalin tony i i was expecting this i'm disappointed that when is that congressman lowest and i think he was just following orders from the democratic party martin luther king day you know that cunt that was going to come thing races so they were going to try to throw up there trying to get to stick to donald trump and the yeah i don't that well i don't think they have any comment so they can make that i laces but i think it was the whole purpose behind you know these comments i mean why why him and i think he was given a marching orders to do it career landfall i don't think you know limitless made these comments on his own you think of somebody else told him to do it i see i think somebody maybe even present but as a bomb off probably said you know we need to get out there hame edition of their line a legitimate president we need to get out there and hammered it you know we got martin luther king day coming out let's you know throw the races thing adam again play look at him playing so yeah that's i didn't expect that from him that's i'm saying it but it's than anyone out i would never expect that but you know he was a guy that for the most part as a really good you know reputation on a lot of things you know always going to be a bomb before a and taking the cannot like this you know i just think.

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