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Been a problem he hasn't been disruption so again. We're just gonna talk to time. I'm not going to get into commentary about an individual status situation going to take him one day at a time erin and then we'll handle it. Accordingly i'm not gonna comment about what's going to happen. Who's gonna play. Who's gonna do what. So i'd say he's on the roster today and we're going to take on as a matter of fact you could potentially call nick caserio the schneider of nfl general managers go ahead. We got the there. It is the new strategy for houston. Texans we're putting it up on the screen for a radio audience there and one day at a time schneider. Young valerie bertinelli right there. There is mean that's it. Can you grab that in tweet. That one out. That's one day times the news. The new season strategy the dad on that show otherwise. Wasn't dad shot schneider. Schneider was the hand handyman. That's before my time should be old Pat harrington was afflicted with knowing stuff. I shouldn't like seems like something you should. You should not go man. He's the schneider of now. Then let's is so weird man. I looked up their depth chart just to see what we're going into the season the houston. Texans i looked up their depth chart seeing deshaun watson third on the depth chart is just so wild lake toronto. Taylor's first davis mills. Second third is deshaun watson. he's going to be third on the depth chart. They're they're just putting thermes healthy. He's third on the depth chart back. He doesn't want them. They don't want him but he's gonna be there now. You just made a mentioned right there chris. Let's be positive. This is a glass half full show. So much of this world is gonna crap. We all feel it right. Let's be positive here. Let's go high register on the on the Houston texans can we audible and go high register on his notably. Let's go higher register on the houston texans right here. You look at their death. Charge to rod. Taylor is a higher register quarterback. Hey toronto taylor. He unlucky break. Let's you know we all forget because a job here. There's the high register. We all forget. Because josh allen being an. Mvp candidate but before josh allen. Who is the buffalo bills quarterback who took the bills. Bats playoffs straw taylor. Who is the guy was playing before baker mayfield and was actually playing okay football before he got a concussion against the jets and then the jets started the baker mayfield era. Who's a guy who was starting one season opener for the chargers last year because the bengals kicker missed one at the trout made the pro bowl in twenty. Yeah okay running backs. Hey dino hold on a second your starting running back is mark ingram and i'm gonna go decent register to pay him the respect transit big trust. That's a that's a dude that will you can follow in the locker room to sixty two and david. Kelly knows exactly what he can do. All ravens stint that they both had to gather data johnson. The fact that this guy is still on the team. And if he can contribute. And give any ounce of positivity as the remaining residue of andrei hopkins great great great fancy. Name remaining residue deandre hopkins. That's a long run. It's noted on the she residue of area third on the depth chart third in the short run. Amac philip lindsey. That guy can really run a rock. If he can stay healthy he is fast he can hit the whole and and you know his fourth on the depth. Chart is mr. This is the greatest fourth on the depth chart. Running back in the history of fourth on the death drought running-backs rexburg. I love rexburg. Damn straight you do so if they can run the ball in houston and then play action to brand cooks. Who still on the team chris. Conley there's a rookie whose name jumps off the screen at me nico collins. He's a wolverine. Who has some game that kids can play receiver. Tonsil is locking down. The left sideline larrea. You could do a lot worse in the nfl nfl. I mean seriously. I know that. That's not the phrase that's gonna put fannies in the c-. Hey come on out here to houston texans. And aren't you come on down to energy. Provide the energy at energy stadium. You could do a lot less calm. Fairburn kicking field goals. I mean come on go ahead richeisenshow. Mithra could be higher register. Take the week maybe houston texas on reg..

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