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Is eight fifty three. I'm Roydon Shane fourth generation jeweler. I love hearing stories from guys who proposed with Shane company engagement ring. They all talk about the look on her face when she saw her dream ring. A ring he helped create we have an incredible range of unique styles you won't see anywhere else. Our designers take every detail into consideration to ensure that our rings are beautiful from every angle at Shane company. We source only the most beautiful diamonds rubies, and sapphires in the business. Every stone is natural handpicked and directly imported by us. So you get the prettiest ring for your money. Our dedicated jewelry craftsman in the store give each ring the same love and attention, though, keep your ring looking beautiful for life and our free lifetime warranty. Even includes the center stone, come in and see us our. Exclusive styles. Superior quality and unrivaled value. Make us the best place to create the engagement rings. She's always dreamed of now, you have a friend in the diamond business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. Vericose and spider veins. Wow. What a gift from my mom. She had him. I got him. And not only are they uncomfortable and sometimes painful, and I stopped wearing skirts and shorts because I was embarrassed. And I really hated the way my legs looked when my kids asked me, what are those things on your legs? I was done. I finally went to vein clinics of America the procedure took about an hour. And I was right back to work. What they're doing with lasers. These days is unbelievable. The staff made me feel so comfortable and the results. Well, even my husband has noticed. They in clinics of America has been treating vein disease for over thirty five years. They're the largest and most experienced in the US. Look I've been doing the commercials for vein clinics for years because I really believe in.

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