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Eight people to do an ultrasound on a python. Which ones is eric heiden. So this is a story that happened at chester zoo in two thousand and twelve and it was on an extremely big python so maybe with some smaller pythons. It'll take fewer people baby with some especially wrigley one's that'll take. This is a good rule of thumb. For how takes. It was a nickel. Barley python ridiculed python. Which is i think. The longest in the world and bali at the time was reputed to be the biggest snake in europe so pretty exciting needed a health checkup and she was six point six meters long and as a result they needed eight handling to move her ninety kilos and has the capacity for aggression unsurprisingly and these great photos of them moving the snake in big congo line. I guess and they've got her head in a tube is very funny is to keep the snake calm. You just put the head in a big old tube and that stops it. I also saw another one in chester zoo. There was another snake called j. f. and they instead of putting the head in shoob they covered their eyes with someone's hands so one of the in this case it was ten people. One of them covered that ice with the holland. Eight of them held the snake on the table and those a little hole in the bottom of the table of the tenth person was hiding under the table with the ultrasound. Shoved up the hull so you could see on the inside of the snake. Do they need to hold the snake down while they're doing it. Not just the carrying the most of the people that to stop it from wriggling away. Wow is a strong muscle strong. I would not want that gig holding my hand in front of the eyes of a snake that close with your hand right out next is madness would bite. You know. Particularly pythons not venomous. It's the person who's gonna get squeezed. Who's in trouble but it is. Maybe worth it because you are obviously the coolest people in zoo. Oh okay cool is a snake. What's the ultrasound guys. Oh i don't think any of us who's with you there. I reckon listeners where we have million people iraqi people listen to this episode possibly op. Twelve would have got that joke. Yeah right and if you got the ultrasound.

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