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Think I blocked it out of my bed on the eagles in a tease. Didn't that happen or am I crazy? I might have been. I'm trying to remember as well. There's a couple of games that they lost. 129 yards passing. But yeah, it was like, he just kind of sucked. Yeah. And then sucked again in Tampa. Your team. Playing off what everything you just said, I was really impressed with how they did something different in that Tennessee game. And we're like, hey, can you guys stop this? It was watching sirianni on the sidelines, especially and there's like a real swagger with him now. Have you, I don't know, you've been watching this the whole time. If you notice, what's the deal with him with the eagles with the city? Because when they hired him, it was like this, oh, they're just hiring. It's been robot. Terrible first press conference. And it's like, oh, they're just putting their guy in. He's gonna suck. And it's like, he's the opposite of sucks. I think he's been one of the 5 best coaches this year. And he really seems like he has command of the team. I always love this stuff on the sidelines. I love to see how guys are reacting to each other. It just seems like he's in command. Am I imagine that? No, I agree. I call sir Johnny the pander king because he just loves to express how from Philly he is, even though he's not from Philly at all, right? Hassan Reddick who the eagles brought in free agency went to the university of temple as a Philly guy. For the first few weeks of the season, he didn't have a sack yet, and he was in the locker room getting asked about it. So on and so forth, and then the next game, he shows out as a critical sack. And in the locker room, sirianni runs by when the reporters are talking to him and goes like, there it is. I told you a son Reddick sacked. I knew it. Temple. And he was like, yells temple. He just screams out the school name just like emphasize the sun red against from here, right? He just has that to him, right? Then they beat the colds. He's telling eagles fans his four Frank Reich, AJ Brown, scores against the Titans. He grabs and goes, how great is it to be in Philadelphia? Like he very much like he's got his very committed his idea of like you commit to the city, you commit to the place you commit to the brotherhood. He's absolutely a culture coach in that way. That resonates in Philly. Philly likes to hear about Philly. Philly likes being an insular insert committee. That works. Boston's like this too. Suck up to Boston and it's great. It's always a good idea. Yeah, so I grew up in the northeast and then I moved to the Midwest. And whenever people ask me about the differences growing up, now I live in Michigan, which is all college towns. The thing that I say is the northeast, all of the cities are so close to one another geographically, that you end up being from a place. Like I was closer to geographically growing up to New York than I was to Philly, but I was in Pennsylvania. I was a Philly fan, and I hated New York, and I hated Boston. They were all there. I knew people from all these places they were close. Yeah. Nobody's close enough in the Midwest. None of the cities are geographically close enough. So it becomes a college thing. So when you're a coach of a northeast team, it gets, you know, like he was wearing Philly's gear during the Phillies run. You know what I'm saying? Like, he'll wear 6 or stuff later this year. He is the pander king and I feel he likes being pandered to a little bit and that when you're winning, the vibes are great because it feels like he's doing it out for the setting. I was mildly impressed by the Giants last week. I thought they did not blow the game for themselves. And hung around and even like when Washington and OT, they get first down on the 43. They basically need 12 yards for a field goal to win it. And the Giants really stepped up. It was this moment of the game where it's like, wow, you're season could go either way right here and I thought, I thought rose to the occasion, which we've seen them do a few times. It still feels duct taped and smoke and mirrors to me on offense. It is. But the dimes thing, man, when you're betting against him, he's really scary. And he's doing those draws around the side and he just kind of knows when to cut in at the perfect time every time and it's like you want to punch a wall after a while. God damn it. Why can't we stop this guy? He's good. Yeah. The Washington defense came into that matchup really bad against quarterback run. And it's a further testament to Brian Dave and my Kafka. The offensive coordinator there, who they walked out and they called more quarterback run than they had last two weeks. They're very, very good at saying, what do you not like? We're gonna do a little bit of that today. That is awesome until you get to a team like Philadelphia, Philadelphia, right, what they want you to do. What are we weak at? It's like, all right, you're going to have to run the ball the whole game, you're going to have to convert on third and shorts the way they lost to Washington, right? We're going to put a blanket on top of you and you have to be incremental to going down the field. If saquon looked like saquon did a month ago, I'd feel a lot worse about this game. Like one arm's sake one? Yeah, I'm not enjoying this as much with the injury. They've had in the interior, no Shane lemieux. It's not what they were offensively in terms of the running game. So I'm so worried about Daniel Jones. I'm worried about the size of this team. Saquon still a big back, Daniel Jones was a big quarterback. They got big receivers, eagles tend to be a little bit of a smaller team, but they handled Derek Henry and the Titans. Wonderfully. And the same thing is true. They gave up the scrambles for an Tannehill, but still they home to ten. Not Burke's out of the game. I mean, that was a very big play for the eagles 15 or 25 point when excuse me. Over the times was losing trailer. He's been awesome this season, but we'll see. The Giants lack of weapons continues to feel like something to exploit, but it has for the whole season. And they're 7 and 5. You're way better than whatever the fucking number is, yeah. You're way better than giants. And yet I'm not putting the eagles in a tease because I do worry. One of these weeks they're gonna suck in a game when their favored and I'm gonna stay away. Let's match up number two for you. Match remember two. Vikings lions, which is just such an extremely fun game for so many reasons, not least among which is betting reasons. Sam hoppin and fed experts treated out this week that since 1999, we've only seen four games where a team with ten plus wins is not favored against a team with 5 or fewer wins. And of those four games, all of them came in week 17, two of which had the backup quarterback playing for the ten win team. So this is not something we see very often. Where Vegas is really positive that a non winning team is better than this winning team. The Vikings, there was a great graphic going around on Twitter today where if you flipped the results of every one score game this year, the Vikings would be one in 11 overall because they can't stop winning these ones for games. Well, the reason the lines are favorite is because the Vikings pass defense is simply not trustworthy. Vikings defense past gave you away is 25th against wide receiver ones they're 29th. We saw Garrett Wilson have a huge game against this defense just recently. We had Stephan days went a 128 for 12. We talked about Parker went four for 80. They struggle against the top receivers. Amon Ross saint Brown, the top receiver for the lines, one of the most integral players in the league, totally underappreciated how much this guy matters. In games in which a Monroe state Brown is healthy, the lines average .2 EPA per drop back. That'd be the second best number season long.

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