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Hello everyone and welcome to the tennis podcasts. Wimbledon relived. Not Say Manic Monday. Is Strange to think that in an alternate universe rule experiencing the busiest most hectic day, if the tennis calendar down the road, well down the road from me, and that's w nineteen and instead well I didn't know about you, but I'm something my safer why I'm dressed. I was GONNA. Say My pants spur. I'm dressed, but I'm certainly not in A. Poised and ready to. Go on the tally or anything. I mean it is a very different university living in. The the same time I still find myself trying to crowbar these matches into to be able to watch them all in time because we just watched four hours of a match for today's podcast, having recorded yesterday's show, and then we've got tomorrow's look forward to I mean look I'm having the time of my life. I'm relive I'm reliving two thousand and one and loving every single minute of it, but yeah around actually making meals for children and go into the pollock, and all that sort of thing I am struggling a bit to fit it all in hence sleep out today we spending. We're dwelling quite a while in in two thousand and one land. Aren't we today tomorrow? Yeah and it turns out that that's important. Because David didn't see two thousand one Wimbledon. Much of two thousand and one full stop you in a windowless room in the ASS. End of Germany awesome thing. Date I did I missed the entirety of the two thousand one Wimbledon until the final which we'll get onto more tomorrow when we, she watched that as one of them it because the woman doing tomorrow is the two thousand and one men's singles final between Goran, Ivanisevic and Pat, rafter today it's Pete Sampras against Roger Federer in the fourth round, but yet the time. Time I was in my fourth year working for the ACP tool I'd been communications manager for three and a half years traveling around I had informed the powers that be that I would like to have got writing and interviewing and all that sort of thing, and they said okay. Then you can go work on this new thing that we've got called a website. And it's and we produce it in Hamburg Germany. So off. You go to the office that. Germany. Not the end of anywhere I thought it was somewhere a little more. Than that. Politically, it was delightful, delightful The office was Nelson somewhere. And Anyway I'm sitting and get there and I'm like we get to the fourth round magic Monday manic Monday and I'm thinking right. There's a lot of crack matches on here. This Roger Federer against Pete Sampras Tim Henman lighter. which channel is it on here in Germany? And they said it's on premiere I said all right. Where's where's that said? We haven't got that one. So. So I was a little bit dubbed by this and frantically trying to think. How do I get out of this job? But. I've signed up for the rest of the entire week until the weekend when I would go off to Gustad for the tournament that. So anyway, that's when I discovered that actually it was available on BBC radio through their website in inverted commas I that I'd never heard of before, but anyway so I was able to listen to the BBC radio coverage throughout the rest of the week, and that's what made me decide. That I wanted to be a commentator right and that week. And he fight off emails to to the commentators he'd be listening to. You. Yeah Yeah, Inkatha. Who is the tennis correspondent? Richard Evans, very long time experienced respected journalist and reporter send the Sunday Times tennis correspondent Dana coincide of the BBC. And they brought the championships alive for me over in Germany and I mean that's what they do. That's what the job of the radio commentator is for people who can't say to try to bring it alive and. It did the job for me. It made it magical I mean I. I actually think that Wimbledon. If you think of Tim Henman's run as well and everything else that went into it, it was one of the all time. Great. Wimbledon's including the ending. And to listen to it on the radio where your mind is having to do the job for you, because you can't see it, using the words, they they describe and you conjuring images on the back of those words, it makes even more mystical and fantastical David Law. You turn not being able to watch one of the greatest of all time into a positive. Well twenty years on Haram watching it. It's awesome. Win deliveryman in solihull. She's moved on from working in tennis and not being able to watch moved into working in tennis and this year still open. You Up to in two thousand and one. We still shuffling around on your bum. Knows all my eight now right was. Please listen to yesterday's podcast to context. or.

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