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The american injury indian as the ultimate warrior kind of holds up in the american army they're put in some of the most dangerous positions in the american army as runners or as reconnaissance sanders is as an engineer what is their job he's an he's a combat engineer but he's not there to build things he's there to blow things up or to preach the line and this is the four lawn hope of the of world war one he's given wirecutters and told a snip individual strands of mountains of barbed wire to breach it to make a whole to allow the advancing troops to break breakthrough he's present at the big battle that is to come the musar gone before and during and after musar gone they send the combat engineers in i i know this very well patrick knows it very well because my father was a combat engineer and the second wards and we talked to him on the sixtieth anniversary his job on d day was the gap assault team thirteen to breach the german obstacles on omaha beach that's exactly the job sanders has he wasn't landing in a landing craft he's to go in front of the assault battalions on his belly i can imagine and cut the wires so not only the infantry can come through but also the tanks absolutely his first real action is my fights at bellawood any fights this was on but his first significant action is at san mateo where the american is go on the offensive to reduce a salient that had been created there since the beginning of the war and saunders is pushed out front along with one other month september yes and pushed out front to breach the barbed wire and the german commander on the other side is given orders to all of his men to shoot any if they ever site indians on contact immediately and in focus all sniper fire on them so he's really a target if he's if he's able to be i if they identify him but he's out there in front and he's just you know sustaining sniper fire artillery fire and he's cutting this wire but they breached the wire the you know the infantry follows behind them but they're out front the small group to men and they they push into toward san mahal that san mateo into the salient and they they make their way into a small town where they there's a german strongpoint which is actually an old french chateau and they enter the strong point and they keep they start taking prisoners the small to men start taking prisoners i ten then fifteen eventually saunders captures over sixty sixty three german prisoners singlehandedly saunders is live he goes home and he dies in nineteen forty seven patrick is provided what we what we can know of the body bearers he lives almost entirely in the west and san antonio texas and he's buried the golden gate national cemetery for anyone who is concerned about his fate and wants to go find a native american combat hero from the first war who was one of the body bears now harry taylor also from the wild west and participating in the wild west division bore o one fort yellowstone wyoming there are some regional sense of how they chose these men although i note that they all had to be within six feet tall right that was that was one of the requirements but it was general pershing that actually had the final selection on all of these men the army and the navy in the marine corps called through all the files in that was given to general pershing to finally selected them and then pershing wanted a decorated heroes but also he wanted to tell the story of the af through each of the branches of service the army the navy the marine corps and then the combat specials af is american expeditionary force was called the whole military commitment by the united states racked and that's what these body bears do they provide us the story of the af through the individuals wild west division is the ninety first division it also fought valiantly in the.

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