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Official cause of death at san ramon valley high school in danville gentlemen kcbs well people were injured yesterday in a classroom at oak grove high school in san jose kcbs has megan goals be reports there's no official word on what the substance was but pepper spray is suspected the knicks had kids and adults all started experiencing breathing trouble ira station or coughing says san jose fire captain mitch matt we've had a total of twelve people who had symptoms who were here on the campus six of them have been decontaminated and taken to a local hospital the other six were decontaminate treated here on and released that decontamination included hosing them off with a fire hose then has not crews flooded into try to get to the bottom of it the guys who are going in have to protect themselves so they don't become victims as well so they're going in wrapped in protective gear that bring their own air with them and their breathing the air they bring with them which doesn't exactly make it easy to find a 'cause brandon thompson was walking by the classroom on his way to a softball game there were coughing and they're like look really sick their eyes were blurry and water and i asked them and they said that they were like all the students you started coughing so they had evacuate so they don't know for sure what's happening because there was not any science like going on in the classroom at the time now asked any students zoom we have left before being decontaminated to wash their clothes and their bodies and to call nine one if they have any trouble breathing in san jose making gold speak kcbs magnitude four point two earthquake struck the far north bay last night the hit just around eight o'clock the first of about six within a few minutes of each other centered about a half mile or a mile east of the geysers the geysers a seismically active area that contains the world's largest complex of geothermal power plants nearly two dozen plants that drove steam and use it to produce electricity there are no reports of damage or injury coming up on kcbs i'm doug sovereign at least four bay area county say the drug companies caused the opioid epidemic they're suing for billions let's check your traffic and weather together this morning time now.

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