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Must be working off this list homer bailey five nine one on yovany guy yard. Oh five eight zero harvey five six five so guy yard. Oh come on down well he. He just didn't answer the phone he just yeah he he showed up at the wrong speed pitch and the wrong stadium we did we did. We have him yeah. It's it it goes back to like like you. Ever you ever have that friend. Who's like you invite him to dinner like hey you wanna you wanna go eat and they're like oh yeah. Where are you going. Oh no. I don't know that's well. We got somebody else gordon. They're going to be paid. Oh yeah i'm all in. I'm not like initially. They're like no. I don't like the lighting the food's it's always cold you. Gotta wait forever. The fucking bathroom smells. I don't like the backs of the chairs. Why buddy's paying oh yeah and i love the yoki. It's bucket phenomenal. You had the house sauce. It's tremendous. You're completely threw the right now. I'm not kidding me. The backs of the chairs are stiff. It's a dimly lit soggy room. The angels is our pay for it. I in dessert menu. Can i see a dessert menu. Fuck yeah come on. That's all we need and i'm not calling pulling matt harvey and asshole. When i say this idiot asshole out there that wants to come log innings we will take you if you can get it done at any point in time did it. That's what that's what the rotation looked like. Last year was a bunch of people that guys will just like. How are you going to get here. Who's edwin jackson whose trevor kale you guys are actually bringing brett anderson back. You think mike fires is going gonna get outs for you. Yep yep yep yep and jackson thrown in detroit so the as have been able to deal with guys or have been able to go to battle with guys who seemingly would not even be able to be bathroom attendants apparently in other organizations initiations. I'm fucking pumped for the jamie moyer return late i would. I would come myself awesome. If i follow jamie moyer around our fantasy camp like the as mariners fantasy camp last offs. I followed him around everywhere and was asking him questions like i was going. That'd be able to take that information and like go pitch and be successful with it it was i felt like an astle but <hes> it was an awesome time for me. It'd be a great podcast gas by the way jamie moyer dude. We should reach out in a basement. We sat it was it was fucking awesome because we sat that didn't sit. We stood in the middle of the complex. While i was supposed to be coaching my team he was supposed to be coaching his team and like you know people people have paid money to come in and have coach them and instead jamie moyer and i are standing in the middle of the complex like out in front of god and everybody people around because 'cause they want his autograph and shit and we spent probably thirty five minutes talking about the pressure of the like using your backside died and not using your backside wind vacate the backside and <hes> how to maintain arm speed finger pressure fingertip manipulation on the baseball which way the laces can move for you went to throw your left on left change up to throw the left change in like i mean it was just it was a clinic. It was an absolute clinic. I i was lost so i honestly i don't know that that would be great pod material but i had a fucking blast it from august fourteenth through september second of this year cops across the united states will be increasing enforcement on impaired drivers drivers. There are three main messages three main talking points that we're looking to get across here. That's impaired driving drunk driving drunk writing and and drunk impaired driving okay drive sober or get pulled over campaign hashtag to be aware of hashtag drive sober ride ride sober or get pulled over. That's drunk riding on a motorcycle that counts to campaign hashtag ride sober the lookout for that. If you feel different you you drive different. Don't drive high hashtag impaired driving. You knew the risks driving drunk. There could be a crash people could get hurt hurt or killed you could get arrested incur huge legal expenses and possibly even lose your job. You knew the consequences of driving drunk.

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