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Of Baja California, sand berms and other barriers have been created in Long Beach, seal beach and other places to try to keep the high water from reaching any homes, but CBS Christie Fajardo says some big waves have actually eaten away those barriers. So things might have been pretty tense. We've talked to several homeowner some of whom have lived here for decades. They say they've never seen the waves. Come in this far. High surf advisory is gonna remain a for many Costa Leary's valley, orange and Ventura County still at least five this afternoon. There has been no lock in search for a burglar who might be linked to an unsolved murder more than three months ago in Malibu creek state park in Calabasas the victim in that June twenty second attack was a man who was shot inside his tent while camping with this two young daughters. CBS Tuesday Adrian wind gold says. Says the possible suspect was spotted somewhere else nearby. Just last weekend. Authorities say on September thirtieth a man armed with a rifle broke into a water district building and stole food. They say surveillance video showed the man in tactical gear carrying a rifle massive grounds and air. Search was launched yesterday after somebody else reported seeing a suspicious man with the backpack in the same area. But he hadn't been found by the time that search ended last night. And there are no plans right now to resume looking today, unless there's a new siding. A woman is accusing a lift driver of rape. According to the victim it happened as she was being driven home from a van is bar. Police arrested the suspect as he was continuing his rideshare work. They say he also worked for and they're looking for other possible assault victims. In a statement live said they stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation. It's love oh nine. Today's launch of a falcon nine rocket from Vandenberg Air Force base. Will Mark a first for the west coast? Spacex attempting to reduce the cost of flight by reusing portions of the hardware the first stage rocket propels, the payload to the atmosphere and then about ten minutes later falls away returning to the earth to be used. Again. The company has successfully recovered boosters on its sea-based drone ships and at Cape Canaveral in Florida, it's engineered solid ground landings at returned site several miles away from the launch pad. But this is the first time it's been attempted from the west coast and the Vandenberg side is bit trickier because the rocket will attempt to return to location. It's only about a quarter mile away from where it blasted off the reasonable rocket will launch. Argentinian satellite into orbit with launch window that opens at seven twenty one pm, Jim Rondeau KNX ten seventy NewsRadio LA county health departments investigating an outbreak of flea-born typhus in downtown LA. Dr Monto Davis tells KNX officials are trying to figure out what caused it or during environmental observation and control and to with the city of Los Angeles to try to figure out you know, what is going on. Is there a high concentration of those types of animals infected fleas on animals can spread the disease to humans animals, typically won't get sick from it, but human scanned develop fool like symptoms, and in severe cases, it can be fatal. DMV officials are still working on slashing wait times. And they've made some progress over the summer, but there could be a crisis looming because millions of California's will need to get the new real ID card. There was a big public outcry. And the rep say they've cut the way time for those without appointments, lawmakers have learned that more than twenty three million real ideas. Need to be issued within the next two years. Because unless you have a passport you won't be able to board a plane without a real, I d imagine what that will mean state Senator, Ben Al I'm just worried about the about the chaos that made me the man SU there's this huge cloud out there. A cloud in the form of millions of people all flocking to the DMV over the next couple of years. One man arrived more than two hours early the Santa Monica office because he knows it can be a nightmare even realize wait times were we're we're pretty long. There's also been confusion over what documents you need for your real ID. He says some friends have had to come back a second time. But he tells me it's now laid out pretty clearly on the DMV website in Santa Monica..

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