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Across the country in Denver in Louisville hundreds of people gathered demanding justice for another life lost at the hands of police Riana Taylor who was killed back in March but we focus now on Minneapolis where protesters set fire to a police precinct last night and this morning a black CNN reporter and his crew or arrested live on television while covering the protests they have since been released all this comes after a tweet from president trump sanctioning police violence against demonstrators and here's Adrian Florido is in Minneapolis and joins us now Adrian can you just tell us what's going on I mean what's the situation this morning good morning Rachel yeah this this this morning state police have sort of retaking control of the area around this police precinct that was set on fire last night right now there are there are lines and lines and lines of police officers sort of that sort of making a very sort of heavy show of their of their of their force in their presence in around this police precinct last night it was much different scene hundreds of people possibly thousands of people watching this police precinct burn this police precinct which had become a symbol of the police power that they feel is responsible for for George Floyd's death and also a symbol of the broader tortured relationship between police and and and and all black Americans and here it was burning and there was not a single police officer or firefighter on the scene last night officials just let the building burn the mayor had said in a late night press conference that he pulled personnel from that precinct because he hadn't wanted to risk more violence between police and protesters clearly the scenes change this morning you were there last night you watched as this precinct building burned what were people telling you well there are some people I spoke with in the crowd who are conflicted by what they were saying but by and large you know in this crowd people were happy to see this police building burning I spoke to a woman named Sam Sam vara and I want to listen to what she said that's what they gave.

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