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Of eagles. Big three. Doug Peterson Carson Wentz or higher Roseman who've lost the most faith in this season. Right now in the put up on Twitter at my Twitter account at Jack Fritz WIP sixty nine percent nice are saying Doug Peterson. They've lost the most faith in a guy who literally less than ten months ago one of the Super Bowl. But he's the guy that lost the most favored he's gotten dumb overnight. Apparently Carson Wentz coming with thirteen percent of the vote little high surprises even that high for a guy we deemed our Lord and savior. And only eighteen percent is saying how we Roseman what say you for me. It's howie. I've been disappointed with Howie and this year, I think he has prioritised set the eagles to succeed this season with the moves he may. And I think he prioritized nostalgia. And keeping guys happy more than than focusing on winning focusing on the ultimate goal, which is to win the same trap, the Phillies fell into and I'm worried that Howie is falling into the same trap. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four nine four. It's how you join the show. Mike all the way out in Alaska is here. Toxin birds? What's up, Mike? What's up, gentlemen? Nothing much man when he got. Well, I I I have to agree. It's gotta be Howie Roseman. And you look at it to me. It's Carson Wentz has performed extremely well every time that he wasn't injured. And now he comes back. He's been playing pretty good football. Extremely good football. If you look at the numbers, and it's just to me, you can't put all the blame on him. I I definitely think it's more the the play calling. Ben Carson Wentz. His ability to execute the plays. You move to Doug Peterson. Like, you said, this is the guy who cook. Nick foles went through the tape and figured out how to make him a fan of enough to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. I don't think Doug Peterson is a horrible coach. And I don't think this year has changed my opinion on that. If you look at how he Roseman what his heat gun the entire time. He's been the GM been impressive is draft picks. If you look at all of them have been garbage on the whole. And that just has screwed with team for many years. The fact that we don't have young talented players in in premium very positions on this team is because his draft picks have been so bad for so long. If you look at the two thousand seventeen draft class, I mean, who who do you feel good about going forward from that draft class Barnett? Is that is that really it? I mean, you can't Bank on Sidney Jones. You can't on the field. Yup. And last year, I mean, Dallas got it. I think is is a fine pick. But they don't seem to know how to use him Maddox is playing opposition. But playing pretty well other than that. I mean, Josh sweat. Listen how he hasn't drafted. Well, he hasn't. He never drafted. Well, and the one time he absolutely knocked it out of the park with the free agent class. They went on to win the Super Bowl is great. But that's more looking at surface level and not looking what's happening underneath the surface. Yeah. And then you take it like we traded for JJ great Naby injured. And even if he comes back who knows if he's even signed with that. If he does you sign them on a one year proven deal for a little as little money as possible. And then we got Golden State where we gave up a third round pick for an offensive coordinator. Somehow have no idea how to use one of the most versatile wide receivers in the entire league. Mike, isn't it? Great how to integrate him in the offense. It's impossible. No one can do it. Isn't it crazy how in one game Amari Cooper, puts up over one hundred yards than golden Tate has in his two games as an eagle? Yeah. It's it's absolutely ridiculous. And I think my main frustration with how he is. I believe out of the three people Howie Roseman had the most to say on how to replace the offensive coordinator. And that was clearly a big swing a myth. Yeah. What's things about that? And thanks for the call is that the the offense coordinator situation got so screwed up because of Josh mcdaniels like I can't I can't totally blame Howie for the offense coordinator problems because Josh mcdaniels was all signed sealed delivered to go. The Indianapolis Colts already all good to go with with them knowing that that Johnny Boz taking the Vikings job. Everyone thought that Frank rank was coming back and then boom, Josh mcdaniels drops out of the colts or out of the culture job. And they're scrambling for a pick or scrambling for a head coach, unfortunately Ross Tucker are very unwrap sucker tweets, Jim. Say and says, hey, Jim, you should check out this Frank right guy in say checks it out and hires Frank Reich. So you can blame you can blame. Frank reich. Not being here on raw sucker. It's all Ross Tucker spot. That's not totally true. But Jim Frank Reich was was going to be officer coordinator this year. And then Josh mcdaniels drops out of the cult shop and the eagles are left having to go with micro. Who again doesn't have any experience being an offense coordinator is experiencing an offensive coordinator. And Doug is a head coach who relies on his coordinators to bring him the plays and the and the first script into game plan with them since he has to do so much else, and Mike grows totally dropped the ball. And for him to come out and say in a press conference on Tuesday that he doesn't know how to integrate golden Tate who has been one of the five most productive receivers in the last five years in the NFL. It's an indictment on him as a total embarrassment. So I can't blame how. For the offense coordinator situation that was more unlucky than anything. But the rest of it bad drafts big money for guys who won't be here. Long term big up front money, or they actually they push back a lot of money. So that when you have to pay Carson Wentz be big money in in big players without no depth. And when you look at the team this year last year, I'd say they got more lucky with injuries than they have this year. Now, they have no death and we're heading into an off season where they're gonna pay Carson Wentz over one hundred million dollars. And he asked the hit on the twenty nine thousand draft how he has a crush the twenty nine thousand draft or the eagles are in major major trouble. It's gonna Reggie and Delaware. Reggie what you got man. Hey, I think people over thinking this team right now. What do you mean? So what do you think is the most important thing for your football team? Player while quarterback. I was saying now if you get a quarterback with a special the most important thing is the line. Okay. That's fair you ever heard that term presser bus pipes. Yeah. Well, they haven't been getting pressure this year. Yeah. So what if you don't have a line you quarterbacks? I go play. Well 'cause Aaron Rodgers. Oh, no. He doesn't have a line right now. Look at this thing. Whose whose job is it to to build the offense defense of lines? Right. Which is going for receiver. He's a whenever the one after some good backed up. So try to give up so low pixel pitch for. So you think you think going after golden tape ended up being mistake? Yeah. Especially if he leaves. She probably will. I mean, Nelson Adler is back with his fifth year option. I don't know what they can do unless they want to pay more money to go and Tate and then the other Carson Wentz contract. You're already paying out Sean already paying it's like, I don't I don't know how they afford. Yeah. 'cause you're not gonna get the bottle of time. And then when he does have time if the defense is playing a good he's going to try and force passes. Let's go force turnovers. Yeah. I mean, you you make a good point on the offensive and defensive lines and thanks for the call. Reggie the office of defensive lines have been a problem the office of line. I mean, I know they're banged up which which thinks I mean lane Johnson's banged up. Jason Peters is banged up. Jason Chelsea's banged up. Brandon Brooks continues to be the most underrated eagle and the the defensive line like they're not getting the same kind of pressure. They were last year. Chris long hasn't been in place since week. One was not totally his fault. They don't have the same kind of of rotation depth. Look at the saints. Look at the Rams look at the look at the chiefs. All major offensive lines and heading into the eagles had a good offensive line. But now, I'm worried about the future of this offensive line. You Jason Peters thirty thirty-six and wasn't he might be back next year, which is kind of terrifying. 'cause I don't know. I don't know how much that guy has less than the tank, but he's best friends with Jeff Larry. So I guess you just got to bring them back. You have Jason Kelsey us thirty one and he's been getting banged up. You have lane Johnson's and banged up. And he's been he's twenty eight now feel Johnson should be like twenty six but he's twenty eight now and there's not really suitable replacements behind him. How he's gonna find a way to make that line better next year. Listen because Carson Wentz he is your franchise now and Reggie made a good point with Aaron Rodgers Rogers. They haven't been able to get a good offensive line about around him. Ever since they've paid them are ever since he's been the highest paid player in the team. And I don't want to see the same fate or Carson Wentz. When you look at the Ran's you look at the saints the cheese they have their young quarterback. And they've done a good job. Protecting him last year. The eagles did a great job protecting Nick foles. And Carson Wentz has been the case this year. Let's go to Rick in Lancaster. What's up Rick? How's it going, man? Good show. I'm doing great. Despite all that. We'll tell you something. I'm a snag when a lose. I'm not one of these vote, whatever glad to hear it agree with everything you said, you know, but let me tell me a little rate. These two point is what I feel now I used to call hallway the magic I'll be after he has. Backdraft with all that we want the Super Bowl, right? Well, I think everybody heart played into this. Why even had hoped for? On TV up all that stuff. Right. That you are. Right. That was the judge. Got to think about the future that dwell on the past. But that's. Who who the coaches can't nobody make a miracle? Our somebody second third string backup in the secondary. And someone else. Blah. And overnight battle game shape. The second day of some of Austin, look three games ago. Even though like I bow full-fat take training before trying to cap. Yeah. It's hard to blame shorts. Off the supply of the bathtub probably too. You gotta look far as a Johnson a third. He's going to be good. But he got to watch those vendors. But you know, what I'm sure he's not running out positions..

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