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Listening talk radio seven any kbc oh i i that's good he's the other husband got involved immediately there that's right blessed great for listening we really appreciate it and i'm telling you a little bit has been they're doing the right thing yeah the right idea get up to santa barbara could not but but there dr either in traffic and got the radio said the seven ninety kabc covering join the conversation power they said except when the executive producer gives devolve little section you their laconically said they city life the engineer when he plays good music but when the executive producer puts his two since then they not like an irish via makes perfect sense to me now look midway folks were here till six and by the way alexis and i will be here tomorrow uh from to the six to the 530 because we the kings hockey game uh let me up um switch subjects were second uh you know i'm a i'm employee of kbc radio and i'm out kbc listener in early this week you know i was this myth talk radio seven ninety kabc i was upset with a particular uh a adult who lives in california naval of our ball when when he has gone on all these tv show lavarra ball for those who don't know lucky you i know i'll say is the father of a lonzo ball who plays for the lakers end who has been on a lot of tv shows very outgoing in the visual has three sons one.

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