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Say bortles or qb one portal's you're not a hero next time lucca truck moving on a woman went on a first date and then sent a couple follow up texts we hitting the breaks on okay to take everybody on the car in jamal hill brought us this story some allow her to set it actually just want to blame me for this stories the whole show so a woman met a fellow online right they had i guess i'm guessing this must have been the greatest date of on time because she been sent him sixty five thousand followup tech's how many fall tech's sixty five thousand she have an unlimited data plan there so many questions this now how do you write fifty thousand six now there is how long would it take you to write six thousand text oh my god i don't think i've written sixty five thousand texts since texting became a thing since it was invented there's no way i have she she was sending him up to five hundred techs day she was arrested for stalking everybody is how many times how many replies what's the ratio here he probably started off replying the first like seven and then realizes is going poorly right this is also not the best advertisement for online dating which i've never done right so this is why this is put this in the in the bank of things of why wouldn't online day can i was a kid coach on her behavior but i'm also gonna say about his behavior just blocker number.

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