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Than sixty thousand. And that's just that one aircraft storage facility and of course that doesn't even take into account all the people who are indirectly employed by aviation such as april retail staff tourism businesses travel agents taxi drivers hotel and resort operators as you can see the economic and human impact of allies ground. Planes is just devastating. Each of those grounded airline crews have different story and there's been many many different stories that have come out over the last year. Some have taken earlier time until jobs already in other industries summa now working as contact tracers for health authorities and there was quite a famous story last year on the project that channel. Ten show of the former qantas eighth hr eighty pilots in sydney. Who now work is bus drivers of also come across former quotas flight attendants who are now working for new south wales trailing and many staff is still slow down without jobs at waiting patiently to find another job or to be able to return to the skies although it doesn't By any means make up for the tens of thousands of jobs lost you to those planes being grounded. The creation of facilities like apex has however been an employment opportunity for some people which is good news as i understand it. A passing -ployees around forty pulling alice springs to maintain all of the planes. And it's not simply a matter of Bringing a plane into alice springs and letting it sit there for years. The planes do require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape and to have them ready to return to the skies. Once the airline ceo demand returning when a plane. I arrives into storage. The oil and few fuel systems are preserved and drying agents placed in the engines before being sealed up. Lieutenant are also applied to critical flat services like the wings caved in protected against the elements when they're out in the desert and the window is typed up to keep the inside of the cabin dock and nice and cool to.

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