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Okay, Jen, I know you're doing the headlines today, which I'm very excited about. But I wanted to talk about, you know, there's like all these newsletters, so many newsletters. You can not keep up. I could spend my whole day just reading news feathers. That's actually how I'd like to spend my days. It's like we got rid of magazines and instead we have ten newsletters read. Can you put all of my favorite newsletters into this thing that's paper that I can carry with me and be feel relaxed and sit outside by a pool and read? What is this invention? I believe it's called a magazine. You know what? They might do that. Somewhat idiot is going to be like, what if we put them all together? It's an IRL virtual newsletter. We're gonna buy them and sell advertising. Genius. But you can hold it. Oh my God. A physical copy. Oh my God, I'm gonna kill myself. Okay, ready? So here is this one newsletter. What's on newsletter? It's like, I'm probably gonna misrepresent it and they're gonna get mad. But Lauren Sherman, who is a fantastic writer, and she went to she was at business of fashion. She really covers fashion, but now she's like at this place called Pak and I was like big news and now she's like writing about fashion under Pak. And she's put out a few pieces already and this one is about law roach and says law roach and the red carpet pilling of this red carpet pilling of the just hit me for the first time of this styling industry. So we know that law roach who is like a famous stylist loudly quit, not quite quit. That's even funnier. Yeah, hire me, someone. For your IRL paper and whose letters must say maybe hey, maybe you could be one of the biggest editors at a magazine gem, my headline skills are going away. Oh my God. Okay, so yes, he said he was retiring. He was only keeping Zendaya as his client and he's had enough of the whole fashion machine, the celebrity PR brand machine that is styling. Yeah, so he's like a real personality, right? Yeah, he put like an Instagram he wrote like retired with one of those kind of stamp font things. Anyway, he said her whole thing is like he wrote his behavior in front of the camera and his alleged behavior behind the scenes says a lot about the state of celebrity styling today and what a messy sorted, unfair business it can be. So it's a really good story. Again, she's a really talented, great reporter. I'm just curious and this is not like leading or like, I have nothing juicy to say at the end of this, so it's kind of like a weird item. But I'm dying for something like this to come out with beauty. Like, when is the beauty moment going to come out? The equivalent of the glam squat, someone on the glam squad is going to have a falling out with drama behind it. Because this was quite the last time I can think of that happening is like, I remember when Scott Barnes and J.Lo, is that what you're going to think? A way to bring it back Jen. But that's sort of rocked the industry because it was a quieter time and she was one of the few celebrities that made her behind the scenes glam squad well known to her fans. Yes. So when they stopped working together, I mean, I don't know any real juice on that. I would never dare breathe a word because I don't have any facts. All I know is to be so major that you don't have to worry about finances. You don't have to worry about annoying a brand or celebrity. You're literally done working to give us the real scoop on what it's like to be as a member of a glam squad these days and have to say, wow, I'm the makeup artist and I work with TK brand like Chanel, but you are the face and you're the contracted face of Valentino makeup. So how do we make that work? Which is a thing that happens all the time. You have to be willing to just say goodbye forever. Well, if there is a makeup or hairstyles out there who wants to come on fat mascara and give us the or as we like to call it the rat mascara, which is the podcast we're going to do in this one's done where we tell you everything. Come on and tell us what it is. 29.99 per episode. Per episode. I hear you. You're right. We haven't heard that from the beauty side of things. And all that, those same concerns come into play, which are managing brand partnerships, friendships, when business relationships turn to friendships, high stakes events, and how stressful they can be. Yeah, and I don't know the answer to this. I wonder if beauty is more political than fashion. I really would value anyone's or if they're the same. I don't know, and almost always working like a fashion slash beauty like adjacent title or business. And I still kind of can't tell. So, yeah, and how many guests have we had on when we asked them why they decided to focus on beauty as part of their career. We've heard this again and again, the beauty people are just nicer. They find it easier to an easier environment to work in. So maybe that extends to this conversation that you were just talking about that law roach wrote up brought up and that Lawrence Sherman brought up in her newsletter. Yes. Or is that a newsletter? I'm sorry, puck. But yeah, if anyone has any insight and I'm joking around, I don't expect you to call in and be like, you know who's an ass, but insight into just this tip line. Call us on the tip line. Well, you know, the anonymous 646-481-8182. What? That's how they do it at the FBI. To do more, certainly is doing quite well with all this. But mascara tip line, 646-481-8182. Yeah, let us know. I'm curious how these relationships are working and yeah, I don't know. Social say about that. Yeah, anyway. I'm going to take us upbeat before I also have a little bit of plucky upbeat. I was plenty. No, no, but it was like skin, scantily, is the word. That's coming to mind. Provocative. Provocative. Provocative, scantily, is not a word. Yeah. Provocative, Jess. Well, then I'll keep it provocative actually. This just in hot trend for spring, the reverse money piece. Oh, Jesus Christ. So this is a hair color trend.

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