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Been producing it. I've been chatting away and we've been having so much fun. Which brings me to my next segment. It is just becoming a fan. Favorite chair. This is producers picks with Jared Dig, Leo. This is where he tells us all the stories that are really on his find Jared. What do you got? We'll start off earlier you were saying, Hey, where's Joe Biden and we have found Where Joe Biden is, or at least where he Woz. Okay when he's not busy hanging out the Oval Office or hang out in his basement were hanging out on the lawn, drinking a cup of coffee near those big Valentine's Day hearts in his bomber jacket, Miz Aviators? Yes, like the phones with Dr B. President Biden Saturday night at Camp David involved, beating his granddaughter Naomi at Mario Kart. So I didn't see this thing. The White House there. I don't know what it's called, like their pa official Twitter. Thank you. Sure, hope, Apophis. How could I forget? Tweeted it out. I think it's run by like his granddaughter or his niece or something, because there's someone who gets those pictures. Um And they put that up it and someone else tweeted out and said, You know, all these people are dying from Cove it and I saw all the liberals going All the liberal saying he deserves time off. He has to let steam off, too just because he's the president and and someone said, That's not the rules we set up with Trump. I don't I didn't think you could do that. I didn't think Mario cart was allowed. Yeah, exactly. That was ah lot of it out there. People were like, I can't believe he's you know, I mean, the conservatives who are playing the same standards of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is golfing. Well, there have been seven Vietnam's worth of death on under covert under under Orange Man. And yet you know, Jack Pacific on Twitter was was a good follow. It kind of the turned it around, and obviously he's being a hyperbolic, But you know, we've had 26 full nine eleven's of covert dead since by it became president and he's playing Mario Kart, emphasizing the point that And When they say you know this. You're saying the left can't mean like they can't make means on the Internet. That or any good. They have no sense of humor and this completely Completely show that they have no sense of irony. They have no sense of humor and like you said, It's just everything blow up and it was fantastic. I noticed that a lot because a lot of people have been saying like Oh, since since Joe Biden's from president. You know, 60,000. I don't know. I haven't been watching the number have died from covert blood on his hands, and they're saying it like Jared said sarcastically. We're just doing it like they did for Donald Trump and the amount of people who don't understand that it's a joke. Is Frightening And I say this all the time, the scariest place In this country is the reply section of a tweet because You will see people I on that tweet. You're referring to Jared from the Oval Pappas. There was a woman who was like the second tweet down and she was seriously tweeting out. I'm paraphrasing here. She said. Like I'm so happy your family is running the country. It makes me so happy to know there's decency back. Such a cute photo love it so much, and I was like I feel like I'm in an alternate universe. This is a real tweet from someone Tell me more about the cult of Trump again, right? No, exactly. Yeah, no, I know and for enquiring minds On Mario Kart. His character was Yoshi Green Dinosaur. I love you. She Yeah, You know, she was my favorite as a kid. I loved you. She and the Princess Princess Peach, Saturday's big fan of both those And turn it to let this destroy your faith in Willard Mitt Romney. Not that there's anything I have no faith left in him, but good. This is actually from the Salt Lake Tribune On Saturday, Mitt Romney joined six other Republicans in voting to convict President Trump for the impeachment. Insurrection, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, it seems now Senator Romney might be facing censure. Oh, no. Yes. I mean, Proposed center of Romney because, whereas Senator Willard Mitt Romney misrepresented himself as a Republican, is one charge. Where has Senator Willard Mitt Romney has prioritized his personal and political vendetta against President Donald J. Trump, head of the Constitution of the United States? In the interest of we, the people and the advancement of the Republican platform. Well, can we? Can we get Nancy Pelosi's take on what that even means? Because when they said they were going to send your truck, um I think it was was a trump there in the center. She freaked out. This is cut. Seven. Oh, these cowardly senators who couldn't face up to what the president did. And what was it stake for our country are now gonna have a chance. Give a little flat on the roof. We sent your people for using stationary for the wrong purpose. We don't send your people for inciting insurrections that kills people in the capital. She's an angry bird. You're an angry, said Little lady. The kicker on the center of One will admit around the whereas Senator Willard Mitt Romney appears to be an agent for the establishment Deep state. What a top of everything else. He is. Apparently feel that he is an agent for the establishment Deep state so Willard Mitt Romney facing potential center. In Utah..

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