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The democrat uh you know the the i get a lot of work last year on the on the campaign uh in doing analysis of it in and they're doing exactly that the democrats exactly the same thing today that they need a year ago gene they're taking for example the economists did a tracking poll the oversample democrats fifty eight percent named they'd just like they did last year so right now a cut in the most recent economist fifty eight sample democrats then the next biggest category is independence the last israeli kgb store i think rasmussen did about three weeks ago that outraged polling sample connected by the democratic party is twenty five to twenty percent over sampled to democrats which is exactly what they did last year uh and and they're all uh fluorides and everybody else about this virginia thing like it was some big surprise i thought actually the democrat was gonna win by nine or ten points in the winning bite on the with the final nail in was i mean this was a democrat seats it was a state that hillary won a year ago by five and a half points i don't know what is a big surprise of the did they get another democrat governor because the guy that was running gillespie what supposedly a trump opera doctorate mel he left out that's what i told the photos making a speech today then i said look the second part of that uh that pickup truck thing with the me now dean boy and the what they didn't tell you is the second half of that and they never shouted that's gillespie in the truck running from trump so our happiness and he hit the gas i mean uh from trump as it possibly could i think trump helped him and trump thinks trump could help them but women are now willing right uh look wet website uh where we can send people to see your stuff bring in perkin got guerrucci you argue and i've got a.

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