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And All kinds of different, the relationship with the boy scouts is one of my favorite things that we've got especially with with. In Wichita Falls. Those guys are amazing in I will do everything. I can to cater to the because not. Because they're so well behaved. But they're very respectful of the grounds and so I'm going to do everything I can for those Kiddos to have a good time when they come out here, so that's like when we took the boy scouts. Or Richardson they were great. And I'm still involved with our local. Units no I mean. Brin De. Let me say this we do it. We also have an another tie with Wichita falls our cannon that we have here is the one that starts hundred hill rates, so we're there every year to start the Hud and we take. That canned up there to shoot it off. So if you're not listening hotter races in the middle of August in Wichita Falls Texas. You're not familiar with falls Texas in the middle of August it's not called hotter. Inhale hundred for a re. It is extremely extremely anyway. It's about I think they've had ten twelve fifteen thousand. Started it. Years ago in it was just a couple of like locally. And now there's people coming from Germany shipped. Internationally in it is an absolute honor that we get to go up there because I'm at the starting line, yeah, and I get to shoot a cannon to start. What's funny though is. That morning. You know there. I mean there's tens of thousands box everywhere and I'm trying to drive through the parking lot to get to. The candidate and people are screaming at me because I'M GONNA truck in its. Listen Lady. You don't get to do this unless. So, yeah, so, there's another I i. we have a really close relating course. Melt Milwaukee from Wichita Falls, and we go there all the time so You know we I have absolute which were kind of the Stepchild at Texas.

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