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Is Love Kobe night. Comedy video have rap video feel like. So do discuss with some baby powder pimp slap this. Know. What a hang came from the baby powder feel like he's had in his house. Also, a girl that he was about to grab a but at the In. The parking lot shot the street harassment. She came to his house. Now she's talking to him a lot of empty. Champagne bottles of. Shopping. Don't think I. Don't. Know what it is try spoke. Like Clinton did that got the? Grant. Doug matter what has been risk giving. Disease. And that. Okay. The Vedeno defeats everything. He says. The everything that was a message in has gone out the window because now obviously realizing by noses. But in fake lights on the video when she was a stranger at the target, Oh what a safeway he was supposed to be around her because she didn't have a man has gone, and of course, we gotta social distance. How is he showing up at your houses a stranger? You don't let in. Allen stand. What is the message here? Be. These are the problems that people need to be talking about. This is what Republicans need to be asking. You'll as rather than being married about me mad about. Whether they be mad about Cardi EMIG. Like why are we wasting time about? Cardi. And Megan be a role model. This is a bad role model. Okay. This is the problem Mattie. I don't want to catch anything you. Chris. Camp he'll realm meal be awesome, duct cleaning. Awesome. The call to a woman. Off Base. Etc.. Ordering House. I mean I guess you needed to target in the shower at some point I mean that's reasonable. This feed apparently. I mean, you can't get to finish our I guess. All right. Well, there you go. Thank you for. Sending us that there's Very confusing on the show I hope everyone enjoyed it. Nolan says beer policing. Hey. Karen Rod I thank you for your continued support a black businesses from healthy ruse dolls to brandon. BLACKBEARD travelers my wife and I are in a fortunate position to support black businesses. So every time you mentioned on the show, I may make it a goal to put dollars towards them. After hearing what you know why because I'm a influencing? Okay. So doesn't WANNA reasons that they pay us to promote things like you know movies. You know what are you pay us? The. Blame. A little bliss body obviously watching those little stuff like that because they know people hear the sound of my voice and they know you can trust that person. That is influence motherfucker I desk. I'm not surprised at all that you will do that. You know I think that's very nice of you but I feel like a lot of people that are listed must do that in order for these people that keep sending me free watches and Shit? Okay. At the here at twenty one fifty, I spent the weekend visiting Pawtuxet pawtuxet brewery the first and only black our owned brewery in Charles County Maryland. Next to Prince George's county pg county Maryland mentioned by many of your guests is one of the wealthiest counties in the country and we do a great job for each other next I wanted to thank you for your perspective on policing I. was a police officer for fourteen years in a nearby state started at twenty one and I quickly rose through the ranks making it to captain. Becoming only the second black captain in a thirty eight year history Jesus..

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