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The backfield is well, I stay away from that Bill Maher and go for a Collins day other safety you make that defensive back more more of a threat with this team. And I think that's where are they look at the D line. I really think our defensive backs is what really makes this sick. There's a lot of short yardage gains by other teams versus now. I really think with this drastic. There's a ton of running backs with the the position that they want it to play for them. So I just stay away from bell. Go ahead for Collins or. Collinses scientists so called David Collins is signing with Washington Redskins. Nice talking Ryan Collins board, nor that just in the last half hour. Well, nor were the bears in the market to sign a long term big deal like that free agent at the running back or at the safety position. My preference would be to draft the guy and try to find your version of Alvin Kamara or Kareem hunt. That would be my preference. Right. But I would listen I mean, and I would explore to see what's out there. I've just not going to be if the deal is gonna take what they paid. Todd Gurley that I'm not in the market for that. Yeah. Let's recap all the moves here. Coming up next, Trey flowers again going to Detroit. Landon Collins as waddled just mentioned going to Washington, we'll go through all the agreements of note that have happened so far and what's out there would you be in favor of levian bowel at that high cost after sitting out a year that the bears would target here in free agency three.

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