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WC them Weather Channel forecast. Sunny today. High about forty two current temperatures Frank in our beauties right now, we have thirty eight degrees and in Rosedale thirty seven degrees. Coming up on the news at seven this morning. Baltimore County council. Okay. Seventy eight million dollars for trade point Atlantic time for Chuck's food news, we head out to the Chuck wagon latest items trending in the food and beverage world public service for our listeners in the name of Butterball Johnson. Domino's pizza now making a pizza in New Zealand and Australia that literally envelops the rest of the fast food pizza game. It is the biggest pizza ever has. It's advertised it barely fits into cars or through doors because of its sheer size. Call the big one each quarter of the pizzas. Approximately the size of two large pies. Wow. Making its total diameter just under forty inches in length. It takes two people to deliver it to your door comes in pepperoni. Supreme barbecue lovers and Hawaiian no word on whether. League or Ganj when pizza will make its way to the states anytime soon, so Chuck maybe making a visit to Australia or New Zealand. So it takes two people to deliver. Yes. That big I'd be against that. Because then now now you have to tip to people. Why you just have once like Chuck dozen? They split it. What do you make copper wire out of pennies? I mean, come on. Come on. My goodness is true feelings coming up at the tip to people..

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