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The pandemic until may thirty first that's unless the court decides it would be contrary to the interest of justice Wentz would still eventually be do but struggling business owners would have more time to pay leaders with the Maricopa county unified command say they're saving personal protective equipment from the federal stockpile for county long term care facilities to date we have identified sixty six cases of covert nineteen and ten deaths that have been linked to twenty two long term care facilities doctor Rebecca Sonnenschein of the Maricopa county department of public health says the county will start reporting deaths inside long term care facilities but will not release the names of the facilities where they occurred a Phoenix police commander who was shot to death while responding to a domestic violence call a little more than a week ago he's being laid to rest today but the funeral for commander Greg chronicle will be unusual only immediate family will be allowed inside St Jerome Catholic Church in Phoenix because our social distancing protocols the ten AM funeral mass will be live streamed on the Phoenix police department Facebook page it will be followed by a moment of silence with chief Jeri Williams at a brief ceremony that will include the honor guard and the playing of taps Utah investigators are trying to figure out how THC laced candy found its way into food bags of church distributed to about sixty families to children who wait the cannabis infused nerds ropes had to be hospitalized Roy police chief Matthew Glenn doesn't believe it was a deliberate attempt to hurt anyone how it changed to the food bank I believe is an accident however I hate the fact that it entered the supply chain in America right I don't know that that was an accident candy is labeled for medical use only the food bank that was the source of the food bags as he gets donations from a number of sources so it's not yet clear where the candy came from a look at your money right now the Dow up eight hundred twenty nine points to twenty three thousand five hundred nine five fifty K. of why I news time seven o'clock and now with a check of traffic.

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