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Tell me about the married life blues. Well i've never had much blues over. I i'm very satisfied. And i can't tell you much about the blues self. Wipe this song. Well just another song sal. There do you think that most of these songs from the mountains are said songs. Yes i think. They are well back in the old days. I guess you know people had more trouble. No i really don't know but Most of them are sad song. Maybe maybe the people were more shattered back in our nattiest. Now we're your mother and father sand together. Well i don't know you know they Of course they separated. You know early on yeah. How old were you when they separate. I was about thirteen or fourteen years old. Must have been tough. It was your daddy laughed that you lived. Where do you go. Well he First place he went was texas. He just got out and traveled around. Reagan had a good time. And you stayed with your mama. He stayed with memorial. She had a great momma. She must ahead that work hard. She did she. She wore ragged clothes to support me. Carter and me you know. So he buying clothes and everything. She had raised the garden and paddle pedal vegetables. You know ever played salem salem to keep us going. And how old was she when she died. She related six good. She lived a good long live here. She did and you were close to her. The whole time ray or close. I'm glad that's wonderful. There is a story in the book about the first time you ever sang in public in a church when your father put you on the spot. What bar dellis. I remember that very well. He lacked this song the salvation. Oh the name and He always was asked to. You know to start that song you know. There's all acapella and that morning. He couldn't remember i. it went. Well he he. He knew i did. And he I mean it scared me to death when he told me to sing. And what could i do. All the good news tried i. Finally i finally got it out. Go through it. And i i'm.

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