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The Mets or Yankees yes okay let's see what a full time that's one four four five is this Keith Hernandez no Los Ron Darling no Gary Cohn well all right Mr day is over Mr yes you're gonna have to give yourself up we couldn't get it today who are you you have the wrong team the Yankees act I can't think of Kelly hi thank you how Eagleton this is amazing legendary I completely get candies Carol and I don't know what else I can say call me pops up the TV you know with the game since there is no can can I just tell you so this is it W. bear sing because I Marvel at how you have done everything in your career right like the fact you're gone you've gone from play active player and ex player to color commentator but then when you also do play by play when did you realize you could do that actually started that the a long time ago when I was with said during games in Montreal and I was like doing not only to me but I was doing radio as well in my records Parton was Dave van horn who lives down the hall of fame and you would do six innings and I would do for units or manage our growth in the doing clever quite show I've been doing it for a long time and that really I prepare the same way for each game whether I'm being played like whether or not he will be analyzing marketing yeah okay which do you enjoy more yeah we might have a very well you know it we don't show up there I mean there there is a challenge though to do a play by play that's different than being an analyst though I have for anybody that does what you do is that I feel taken care of as a VR when when you're a part of that team when you're on when you're doing a game whether you're an analyst with you're doing play by play that particular game you know as a viewer I feel like you're taking care of me watching the game well it's it's all in the preparation my wife please note this for many years so I want baseball comes I'm gonna locked in where I'm working again or not when seven o'clock comes four or even six thirty because I'm gonna watch the pregame show to find out what's happening with the team at the picnic area America combine all the pre gamers jacker you do a great job on Jacksonville letting us know what is happening with the Yankees even before the game starts and then of course I watch Michael and remember during the game and they make it enjoyable to use so when I get there and I'm working and I got a hold of modernism so that's that's served with my preparation yeah yeah and it can it can signal to it is the mystery guest for today and are so happy to be joined by him it was there also extra pressure when you're doing the Yankees just because it's the Yankees maybe everyone should feel a lot of integrity with what they do in any job but you know because it's the Yankees they just have so many more eyeballs on them maybe twenty four years ago when I started this job I I don't feel that kind of pressure because number one Yankee fans lower the fact that it politically you are quickly ordeal which certainly with the division rival back in the day back in the eighties so even some of the most potent with buyers you know that whenever I would work a Yankee royalty all the things that is almost like being traded yeah I grew up in New York so I saw a lot of Yankee baseball growing up and so I I know a lot about the key ministers right away but watching Mickey mantle and most guys on TV which kind of tells you how long ago that was part of the taxes that it's crazy yeah nowadays sure I want the Yankees win it makes my job easier and hopefully for me all these twenty four years the three previous seasons they've had a winning record every year I like bringing good news because a player I like to win as a broadcaster I like the same thing I like to go on with a smile on my face we will continue next year yeah we can do you know this in any kind of you know chuckled a little bit about it and they get the fans reminded you early on most difficult it it's difficult to kind of bridge that and get the trust of the fan base when you don't have that history with that fan base as a player near Port Elizabeth Bennet changed over the years more because the figures hello in fact mark when I got the job well of course it mutual Steinbrenner in George's reaction is persuading certainly work and give it a like you and I will always love you respect out I can't recall the great thank you do what find great but I I was just doing my job he said yeah you have that ID card that you I will learn better who's also so nice to me after I finally got the job well when I was playing because growing up in New York my parents would come to begin using your old current path and a Georgia the Yankees would give my parents the tickets right next to your your dog out which I thought they didn't have to deal with very nice of them so what can go get your mom and dad my surprise next week the only dog out of course and third base side of the building at the stadium and I just no doubt over the years to do that being from New York with the heat they try to get people who only would give me a so all it was kind of a compliment and then working for the Yankees act what a class organization but not every organization Margaret Maggie tries every year Yankees they play against their own history they have to the netfinity spectrum to be compounding every single year for world title in transaction here it could be one of every single year in singles and he's the mystery guest for today and that's fantastic it's it's fun to talk baseball and unfortunately can we don't know what baseball's gonna come back you were if you were a player right now how would you be you know keeping busy well what would you be doing to try to keep yourself ready for when and if the the season returns yeah that's a good question because that back in the day there were a lot of strikes and lockouts you naturally it was very contentious times three owners and players yeah because I remembered in nineteen eighty one struggling to keep the one game for fifty one days and that was right in the middle of the season and I thought that we weren't coming back I I really didn't think we were going quite often we do come back in August the first name of the all star game that can affect the case during that game medically Los Angeles did not a nationally but it was interesting at first because everybody separated then you're wrong you're wrong much in the way the players are right now I don't think winning message nowadays are a lot better certainly after a while I don't think we're gonna play anymore and I was more into the mode of being out of a dead man out in Austin and I. T. O. degree my boys of books every night before going to bed Neil would play out in the yard in the morning there was not really into when we come back in a moment finally did settle they gave us ten days to get ready and the first Thursday would be alternate now depending on how long it is now investment they have good players now maybe that's a wrap up here it will be a little longer now make sure that the you know hold down the injuries or whatever maybe expand the roster is so they can get more pictures in there to eat up some innings all that sort of thing but it all depends on how long it's going to be and for me personally right now I I just don't she wanted to come start I really don't well I just I just think that there's more important things what our current going on in our country not the base all we're trying to keep people safe and healthy if we can and my mind is not really on it as of this moment you know I do miss the people I work with that's for sure hopefully they're all safe and not following the guidelines well again here I live in Florida if not many people around well the baseball blue plans went back home well the spring breakers decided not to come so we can P. Kerry kind of grows cabbage like that that'll go out on this in a small town between camp in Saint Petersburg so if you don't believe once while my wife and I bought a the bike ride you don't hardly see anybody out of the beaches are closed a restaurant of course records so my focus now is to to you know keep our own health a check on the kids every day to make sure they're durable okay and you know when it when the time comes from a baseball comes back hello people not only appreciate the gate being back but I hope they appreciate each other that you know what the person on the street means to you thank you walk by them or when you go to get coffee that person into that copy what would you choose make sure you think banks look many it's that sort of thing I think what over thirty five years depending on how long this lasts we gotta start the pre show each other a little bit more why Kelly it's an excellent point and you're right and and will say and I I think it after going through all this however long it does last how do you not have a deeper appreciation for your fellow man or fellow woman in and really are our way of life it all we're right what we had the red margins life itself you know just appreciate the not been around for a long time because of the changing of my grandkids and hopefully the I think you get back to normal for them to get back to school were playing outside and we have a grandson with the book season's been postponed indeed yeah he's really good player I love watching them glide but for a while that's kind of out of the window and it's unfortunate too because can I'm sure you around the Yankees during spring training and you know their call and it despite all the injuries and unfortunately that's a storyline for the Yankees two years in a row now but you know the excitement around Gerrit Cole I I mean you had to you know feel a little bit of that when you're on the team I find it should twice well one time we had one yeah and delivers again we struck out six the note about three innings he is an exciting picture what's available to you the music citing and certainly one of the favorites to win the World Series I think if there is any benefit to the explorers baseball and Yankees are concerned the fact that judge William he'll stand will be waiting with your log in Paxton well the only one that really going to miss a separate so maybe it will be all of the team when they get things started yeah in that they can come out there with a flourish and come out with a bang you just try to get to the championship season no matter how short it is for you know traditional courts were the only point with six games I I I I don't mean to cancel if it can be it's got to be at least eighty to a hundred games before you can feel like a real champion yeah that's fair I mean it's fair it would judge here can you mention that you know one of the one of the things that might be that he's able to overcome that rib injury when you look at him as a player can do you get concerned that the injuries are too much of a talking point with Aaron judge that you know he can't seem to shake the injury bug this point yeah all right I do feel concerned he plays hard there's no doubt about it you can what was the last year year mortgage correct by attention that happens but he plays won't ease diving for balls he cracked a rib partially collapses will along and we kept playing I I think what happened here last week at work and I didn't get that grip the proper chance studio and now he's paying the price during the spring training or OR one showing the price of spring training and hopefully you'll be ready to go when things happen although I don't like to see a player get the the label.

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